Two (2) competitions have been organized for participants attending Dive Fest 2016.  The Photographic Competition and the Treasure Hunt.

Underwater Photo Competition

The photographic competition will be judged in four (4) categories.  These are the use of light, use of color, symbiotic relationship and composition.  Prizes will be awarded to the participants using the following criteria:

1st prize - the photo with most interesting use of natural light.

2nd prize - the photo with the most unusual symbiotic relationship

3rd prize – the photo with the best use of colors



The Competition starts on the first dive day - Sunday11th September, 2016.  Competition ends on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 3:00pm.


1st prize - an underwater camera.

2nd prize - a laptop.

3rd prize - a dive computer


Judging will be facilitated by a local professional photographer and a dive photographer/operator


Give us your 3 best shots of photos taken during the period specified above. All photos shall be submitted as Jpegs. 72dpi, 1200 pixels at the widest end. Send photos to

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt will be arranged and carried out at each participating dive property. 


The treasure hunt will be undertaken on a specific dive to be announced by the dive operator.  The operator will determine how the hunt will be conducted.


Prizes are treasures that dive participants would treasure.


The diver who located the designated object will be the winner.