Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival

After 25 years, the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, a trendsetter for Caribbean Festivals, offers its patrons a full immersion into things culturally and creatively Saint Lucian. The Festival serves up many ‘firsts’ in addition to the already generous menu of free and paid venues, chart topping music and the most iconic legends in jazz and contemporary music to have populated the latter twentieth century.

The Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival usually spans a full nine days and upwards, and spreads across fifteen venues throughout the island, featuring some of the best live performances, spiced with the celebration of Saint Lucian Arts, Culture and Cuisine. The rationale is to exploit the opportunities to be derived from the hosting of a prestigious and stellar festival, with the island’s burgeoning creative industry sector.

This creative sector component is defined by literary and performing arts renaissance, a vibrant music performance and production sector, award winning gourmet chefs and the consistent celebration of heritage through diverse genres of dance, song, language, fashion and fine arts. Saint Lucia, as the artistic mecca of the Eastern Caribbean Economic Union is well able to define a new and differentiated cultural component of an already unmatched touristic destination.

The Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival comprises of over fifty (50) artistes performing against some of the best backdrops, from the signature Atlantic Ocean backdrop of the Pigeon Island National Landmark, to quaint and rustic village settings like Fond D’or Heritage Park in Dennery, Rudy John Beach Park in Laborie, and the tranquil Port Castries waterfront setting of La Place Carenage.

In addition to great music events, cultural explosions, poetry and street parties, there’s also an international fashion event dubbed ‘Hot Couture’ which adds even greater intrigue for the Festival.  ‘Hot Couture’ is gunning for top ranking on the international fashion calendar, as a showcase for both established and rising stars in design.

Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival starts May 12th – 14th, 2017, culminating on the traditional Mother’s Day. It certainly is an event to experience!