The Arts

The Arts component of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival places at centre stage, the various expressive forms that infuse the island’s cultural experience, and which perpetuate with vibrancy from generation to generation. With Saint Lucia’s enviable distinction of having given the world two Nobel Prize winners – one for literature (Derek Walcott, 1992) – the legacy of heritage, creativity and excellence is a wellspring of inspiration for a people who insist on keeping alive the varied influences that define them – from the Amerindians of Iyanola to Africa, India and Europe. Literature, spoken word, music, dance, fashion and theatre each have their billing, and each carry an educational component designed to provide opportunities to aspiring and established artists to network with industry experts to learn, grow and exchange experiences.

THE ARTS VILLAGE: An engaging environment in which to discover and collect the most compelling modern and contemporary art from local, regional and international artists. The Village is designed as an interactive journey through inspiring works that span paintings, sculptures, installations, photography, film, spoken word, guest lectures and artist talks.

Blu Session, Word in Altered Scale – Within the Village, spoken word artistes – both experienced and upcoming – share their messages of love, protest, adulation, motivation and revelation.

The ARTIST MARKET:  Artists and artisans fabricating and plying their ware of unique textures, colours and creative design. Decorative, functional and wearable art arrayed for sale and commission direct from Saint Lucia’s best.

HOT COUTURE: The world has taken note and is waiting with great anticipation, the fashion revelations at the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. HOT Couture is one of the Caribbean’s exciting new fashion forward catwalk additions to international couture.