David Rudder with Special Guest Andy Narell

David Rudder

It’s hard to remember when calypso has seen more controversy, excitement, and popularity than the day David Rudder stepped beyond his role as lead singer for the brass band Charlie’s Roots and entered the domain of the calypso tent as an individual artist.   “Almost overnight he became a national hero on the order of Marley in Jamaica, Fela in Nigeria and Springsteen in New Jersey,” wrote Daisann McClane, American journalist and World Beat correspondent for Rolling Stone Magazine.  “He’s opening up a whole new way to write, sing, feel and see the thing. His music transcends culture, race, and class. You don’t have to be from Trinidad to feel the power and the integrity in it. And, this is me, a Yankee talking. Things will never be the same again,” wrote McClane in the Village Voice. 

Since that time David Rudder has composed and sung a string of hits featuring his powerful lyrics, and has established himself as one of most exciting live performers in the world. As Trinidad Express Editor Keith Smith wrote, “Rudder has refused to turn his back on the great calypso tradition he has inherited, but the measure of his art is how he has remained unconfined by that tradition…”

Andy Narell-02

David will be joined by special guest Andy Narell for his performance in Saint Lucia.  Narell, who has pioneered the role of the steel pan in contemporary music with 20 albums and guest appearances with dozens of jazz greats and world music artists, has appeared at jazz and world music festivals the world over and was featured at the very first Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.  Now residing in Laborie, where he works with 2016 Saint Lucia Panorama champions Laborie Steel Pan, he has been playing and collaborating with David Rudder since 1986, and featured Rudder on two of his albums – ‘The Hammer,’ and ‘The Long Time Band.’ 



"The Hammer" - David Rudder & Andy Narell