4th World

Primarily a reggae band, 4th World originated from Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, and is considered one of the best reggae bands in the Eastern Caribbean.


4th World’s debut album, Can’t Stop Us, has been described as an “authentic brand of reggae music that takes you to the world of Steel Pulse, Third World, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley; but it is reggae music with a difference. It is fresh. It is a new sound. The arrangements are startlingly different to what has come before and so catches one by surprise. It is edgy music bursting with energy. It is music infused with the excitement of youth yet seemingly informed by history and the wisdom of age.”


4th World’s music represents a special blend of reggae obtained from fusing roots reggae with dancehall, hi-hop, R&B, Blues and Saint Lucia and Caribbean indigenous music. Therefore, although Can’t Stop Us, the album, remained true to the music of the likes of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, there are songs veering towards dancehall and hip-hop, and others serving heavy doses of R&B, blues, jazz, rock, and traditional Saint Lucian music.