Gommier Canoe Crossing

Held annually, the Gommier crossing has helped foster friendly relationships between the people of Martinique and Saint Lucia and more specifically, the twinning of two towns Gros Islet in Saint Lucia and Trois Islet in Martinique. 

The highly colorful rally also plays a significant role in sustaining and maintaining the art of traditional boat building, especially in Martinique where indigenous techniques were quickly disappearing.

Originally coordinated by friendly societies, today, the event which involves scores of participants, is coordinated by the Club des Gommiers De la Martinique, (Gommier Club of Martinique).

The bulk of the canoes, called the Gommier, come from Saint Lucia. The boats are built by Saint Lucian builders and shipwrights from Martinique, and are then streamlined for racing.