Procedures for clearing Saint Lucia Customs using SailClear


The SailClear advance web notification service for clearance is now operational. Users previously registered with the old eSeaClear system will find all their details have been carried over to the new system.


All yacht crews entering Saint Lucia are encouraged to use the SailClear system. It is possible to complete arrival paperwork at the Customs and Immigration offices, but this involves filling out forms in quadruplicate which is a slow process. Using SailClear will enable a much faster clearance.

On arrival the captain should go ashore to report to Customs. The crew must remain on board until clearance is completed. Customs clearance from last port is required, and a local declaration form must be completed in quadruplicate (including animals, duty-free goods, firearms on board).

If staying less than three days, one can clear in and out on arrival. After clearing out, yachts have 72 hours to depart Saint Lucia, or 24 hours if local or charter boats.

Yachts must clear out with Customs and Immigration. A new crew list must be submitted if there have been any crew changes.

If a boat is leaving with the same crew, it may do so without clearing out provided it stays for less than 72 hours, but this must be made clear when clearing in. Any boat must leave within 24 hours of having cleared out.

Duty-free fuel may be purchased after clearing out. This is best done at Rodney Bay Marina where one can go directly to the fuel dock after clearing Customs.


Procedures for clearing Saint Lucia Immigration

For a list of visa requirements for various nationals go

Immigration officials have the power to grant visiting yachtsmen up to a 6 months stay.

For crew arriving to join the boat in Saint Lucia, current entry restrictions state that air passengers must be in possession or be able to provide proof of an "onward or return ticket" and hold sufficient funds for the stay. In the event that passengers are travelling to Saint Lucia and departing by sea, the passenger must hold documentation from the skipper of the boat confirming that they will be travelling aboard, with details of the exact departure date from Saint Lucia and the next destination. Passengers must also then hold the correct documentation and comply with the entry restrictions for that destination too.

Immigration Department,

Visa Office

Tel:(758) 456 3825 Fax: (758) 456 3823


Saint Lucia Customs - Other Requirements

Firearms must be declared, but no action is taken if staying less than three days, after which they must be sealed on board by a customs officer.

Yachts temporarily imported will have weapons held by Customs in Castries or possibly by police if a longer permit is obtained.

Prescription medication has to be in original container labelled with the contents, pharmacy and doctor's contact information.

A cruising permit is not obligatory, but permission is needed to move to any different place other than the port of entry. A cruising permit for sailing the coast or visiting other places in Saint Lucia is best requested when clearing in.

Animals not allowed ashore without being inspected by a Veterinary Officer. Be sure to declare you have a pet on board when you visit Customs.

Pets must have a Veterinary Import Permit before entering Saint Lucia. Download the Import Permit form here.

Contact the St. Lucia Chief Veterinary Officer (see details below) to arrange the inspection in advance. Be sure to have a health certificate issued by a vet in your last port of call.

Cats and dogs must: 
(1) Be electronically identifiable by an acceptable microchip implanted.
(2) Be Vaccinated for Rabies at or over three months of age.
(3) Only travel into Saint Lucia six months (180 days) after date blood test taken.
(4) Be treated no more than 48 hours before entering Saint Lucia with a preparation for the treatment of ticks and fleas and with an anthelmintic preparation.


Dr. Scotland Vet Hospital

John Compton Highway , P.0. Box 1218 , Castries, St. Lucia

Tel:+1-758-452-4552 / +1-758-452-7660

Opening hours: Weekdays 8.00am-5.30pm / Saturdays 8.00am-12.00 noon

Recommended by cruisers.

St Lucia Ministry of Agriculture

Tel:+1(758) 468-5690 / 5621 Fax:+1(758) 450-4581 ,

This website page has links to the details for importing various pets.
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