SLTB lends support to local Game Fishing Association

Castries, SAINT LUCIA (May 20, 2010) - The Saint Lucia Tourist Board is lending full support to efforts ahead of the staging of the 20th edition of the International Bill Fishing Tournament slated for later this year.

Last week, the Saint Lucia Game Fishing Association which represented the island, placed 4th overall in the Guadeloupe Fishing Festival on the vessel 'Reel Extreme' owned by Bernard Johnson.

'Reel Extreme' came out strong with an international team consisting of two Saint Lucians, two Barbadians and one Martiniquean angler. Two anglers on the team were female with one Annie Hamu winning the Best Female angler prize by releasing a blue marlin and spearfish during the three day event.

Over 20 boats participated with anglers from neighbouring Barbados, Martinique, Antigua and Guadeloupe

The Saint Lucia Game Fishing Association is currently touring the region, participating in fishing tournaments to promote Saint Lucia and its upcoming International Bill Fishing Tournament from 31 October - 5 November, 2010 which will be held in conjunction with the Martinique Billfish Association.

Director of Tourism Louis Lewis says, The team's success to date serves as added impetus for us to continue to pay keen attention to the development of sports tourism, recognizing that sector's potential to spur on increased visitor arrivals to the island as a promising niche market. The award-winning Chairman's Reserve - finest Saint Lucian Rum, manufactured by Saint Lucia Distillers Group of Companies has been a long time sponsor of the team.