Switching Off to Save Big

Castries, SAINT LUCIA (May 19, 2010) - The Saint Lucia Tourist Board in conjunction with the Travel Foundation based in the UK, is encouraging hotels across the island to adopt water and energy saving measures throughout their resorts.

As much of the Caribbean is currently recovering from drought conditions, it is vital that hotels do their part to conserve water, both for the sake of the local community and for their public image to tourists travelling to the area. In addition to this, both electricity and water have increased in price in the past year, yet hotels can take very simple measures to reduce their daily energy and water consumption, therefore improving their environmental performance while saving a considerable amount of money.

The Switch Off Save Big Programme has already been operating successfully throughout 2009 and is now looking for more hotels to be involved. Participating properties have seen their consumption of electricity reduced by an average of 7.75% over the year and the amount of water consumed decreased by 18.25%. This has resulted in substantial savings for minimal investment with a number of hotels saving in excess of $100,000 in the course of the year.

Hotels across the island are being encouraged to seize the opportunity as this project is being offered at no cost and is being extended for a further year. Hotels which have traditionally suffered from high energy and water costs, will gain from the assistance offered with the Switch Off, Save Big Programme!

The half-day seminar took place on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at the Bay Gardens Hotel.