Eastern Caribbean (December 27, 2013) – Saint Lucia is “open for business” following heavy flooding from an unseasonal storm. The island was affected by a low level system on Christmas Eve that caused severe flooding in several areas, with Bexon and Soufriere being hardest hit. The storm caused flooding in some areas and six deaths of Saint Lucians have been reported.

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus confirmed that all of the island hotels and leading tourism establishments have weathered the system with little to no disruptions to normal operations. He was quick to express sympathies with the families effected as well as many hotel tourism employees, several of whom had their homes affected by the weather system but still showed up for work. Crews from the Ministry of Infrastructure continued to work around the clock at restoring the island’s road network.

After temporary closures, all air and seaports are now operational with airlines including reporting business as usual.

The island’s power company, the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited, has reported a few isolated pockets remain without power.

Travellers are advised to contact their respective airlines or travel agents to check the status of their flights.