Saint Lucia (March 15, 2013) – Saint Lucian Parisian Fashion Celebrity Vincent Mc Doom will serve as Artistic Director for the first ever Saint Lucia HOT Couture. Mc Doom, who is a prominentname and face on the haute couture scene in Paris, France, is also into media and film.

The celebrity Fashionista touched down on Tuesday this week and has been supporting the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) in establishing the foundational aspects of this novel festival component. McDoom has also been doing the media circuit since his arrival to generate interest in the fashion component and communicate the participation benchmarks for aspiring runway models and designers, as well as what he hopes to bring to the artistic direction of the event.

Vincent Mc Doom made his way to the European fashion scene after having received a scholarship to study in Paris. His training included internships with Paco Rabanne, Guillemin, Talenzi, Guy Laroche and André Walker, following which he worked as an artistic director for a brief period with the fashion house of Louis Vuitton.

McDoom gave high commendation to the Government and the Tourist Board for giving priority as “a matter of policy and programmatically” to Saint Lucians especially youth, who are not professionals, to have a platform to express themselves creatively. Whether or not the SLTB realises it, they have created a whole new industry.”

The highly rated fashion commentator is known for his love of country and his interest in the development of the sector and for the welfare of vulnerable children. His pleasure at the opportunity to help create a fashion event brand in Saint Lucia is unbridled.

“By this gesture, the Tourist Board and the Government of Saint Lucia have really made my heart glad, because many of us who can make a contribution, welcome the opportunity to do so. For me to be a part of this is an honour and a privilege”

Meantime, a call out to aspiring runway models by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board is generating an overwhelming response, promising a great opportunity and platform for the inaugural Jazz and Arts fashion stage, as for those who will get the nod to baptise it, while launching their own career. Casting of fashion runway models will take place at the Bay Gardens Inn on Saturday March 16.

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