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Our island is open to visitors from all countries.

Travel Update: Eased on-island protocols for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Fully vaccinated travelers will enjoy expanded access to the destination. Travelers are considered “Fully Vaccinated” once two weeks has passed since the second dose of the two-shot vaccine or two weeks after a single-dose vaccine. Vaccine proof must be presented on entry to Saint Lucia.

Travel Registration and a PCR test are a requirement for entry for ALL TRAVELERS.



All arrivals to Saint Lucia (5 years and older) must have a negative result from a PCR test taken no more than 5 days before arrival.

Must complete and submit an online Travel Registration Form (18 years and over) prior to arrival. The requirements differ between traveler types, please select your traveler type below
Must adhere to all safety protocols in place throughout Saint Lucia, including wearing a mask in public.
Shall be subject to mandatory screening and temperature checks at the port of entry and throughout your stay.
Shall be transferred by certified taxi to their approved COVID-19 approved accommodation.

All passengers will be screened on arrival. This will include a temperate check.
Download, print and travel and complete the HEALTH SCREENING FORM. The form must be completed on the day of travel and presented at the health screening desk on arrival in Saint Lucia.

Please note that the following should be included on the test results that you upload:
The name, address and telephone number of the lab where the sample was taken
Your CORRECT name
Your CORRECT date of birth
The date the test was done
The type of test and the method of testing
The result

– Visitors from the USA, UK, Canada and all other countries that are NOT in the designated travel bubble

– Visitors from Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines or Turks and Caicos Islands

Arrival and departure by boat 

 For more details click here


Do I need to be vaccinated to visit Saint Lucia?

No, you do not, but you are required to submit a negative PCR test carried out within five days of you traveling to Saint Lucia.

If you have been vaccinated, you will still be required to follow the protocols in place on the island and at your accommodation. Click here for more details.

Where can I stay when I am in Saint Lucia?

All travelers who are not arriving from the designated travel bubble must have a verified reservation at a COVID-19 certified accommodation provider or in a State Quarantine Facility or you must have received approval for home quarantine.

Which properties can I book for my visit to Saint Lucia?

CLICK HERE to see a regularly updated list of COVID-19 certified properties.

Can I make reservations to stay in more than one hotel/villa on my trip?

Yes, you may stay in any accommodation providers that are COVID-19 certified, and you may stay in up to 2 hotels on your visit.

Can I leave my COVID-Certified accommodation while I am in Saint Lucia?

As a visitor, you may leave your hotel or villa to participate in certified activities (certified tours and excursions, to visit certified sites and to dine in certified restaurants). Click here to see a regularly updated list of tours, excursions, restaurants and tour operators. You can organize these directly, through a local tour operator or your accommodation provider. You must travel in a certified taxi.



Tour Companies:

Once I have spent 14 days in a COVID-19 certified property, can I leave?

Yes, after completing a consecutive 14 day stay in up to two certified properties, as a visitor you have additional options available for exploring Saint Lucia. Starting on day 15, you must check out of COVID-19 certified accommodation to “Bubble” certified accommodation and can enjoy any of the beaches around Saint Lucia, rent a car, dine at local restaurants, have cocktails at any of the vibrant bars on the island, go shopping and more. While out exploring, social distancing guidelines must be followed and wearing a mask is required in public.

What is Bubble certified accommodation?

This is accommodation that is available for Saint Lucian residents, any visitor from the Caribbean Travel Bubble designated countries and any visitor who has chosen to stay beyond 14 days. The accommodation is separate to those certified for international visitors to maximize COVID-19 safety protocols.

I would like to visit Saint Lucia for fewer than 14 days. Is this possible given the 14-day restriction in a certified property?

Yes. You do not need to stay in Saint Lucia for 14 days. However, up until this time, you must stay at a COVID-19 certified accommodation provider.

I live in Saint Lucia. My fiancée is travelling to Saint Lucia and will stay in a COVID-19 certified hotel. I would like to join him/her there. Can I check in and remain there as an ‘international traveler’ for 14 days?

Saint Lucia residents (both nationals and non-nationals) may only stay in COVID-19 accommodation immediately after they return to Saint Lucia after a trip overseas. Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to join them until the first 14 days has been completed.

If someone is visiting family in Saint Lucia and their place of stay would be with family, what should they do?

All visitors outside of the designated Travel Bubble, must stay in COVID certified accommodations.

In mitigating the risk of COVID-19 into local communities, locals are not permitted to stay or to join family at these properties. However, when the visiting family member(s) has completed a stay of 14 days (regarded as a quarantine period) at a certified property and has been issued a Medical Certificate of Health by the Department of Health and Wellness, they are then able to join their family members outside of the certified hotels.

Locals can however stay at properties designated for the Travel Bubble. For more information on the Travel Bubble and approved accommodations please visit

Can I spend my vacation in a private villa or home or apartment that I have rented or that I own or that is owned by a friend/family?

Currently, visitors may only stay in COVID certified accommodation. A number of villas have been certified, for a full list of certified accommodation please click on the link below

Certified Villas – Click Here

Is PPE required during airport transfers and in taxis?

Yes, travelers must wear a mask on the flight, in the airport in Saint Lucia and in taxis.

How safe is it to get a taxi to the accommodation provider?

Perfectly safe – all ground transportation will be provided by certified operators.

Can ground transportation be shared?

There will be a limit to the number of passengers allowed in a taxi relative to the capacity of the vehicle.

Are helicopter transfers available?

Yes, Saint Lucia Helicopters has received COVID-19 certification so helicopter transfers are available.

What do I need to do to confirm I am eligible for entry to Saint Lucia?
  • All passengers must have a PCR test (with a negative result) no more than 5 days prior to arrival in Saint Lucia
  • All persons entering Saint Lucia must complete an online Registration Form before arrival
  • All passengers will be screened on arrival (temperature check)
  • Passport / visa where applicable valid for the duration of their stay 
  • All travellers must wear a face mask during the flight and in the airport in Saint Lucia.
  • All travelers must continue to use face masks in public spaces in Saint Lucia where social distancing is not possible
Where can I find the registration form?

Please select the relevant button above to indicate what type of traveler you are. Please read the important information and complete the form.

How long in advance should I complete and submit my travel registration form?

You should submit your travel authorization as soon as your flight and hotel have been booked and no less than 7 days before you travel. If your booking is last minute, please forward the registration confirmation email that you will receive on submission to

Do I need to wait for my test results to submit my travel registration form?

No you do not need to wait – your travel registration form should be submitted as soon as possible, and you can upload the test results later when they are received.

If a Saint Lucia national is returning to Saint Lucia with a negative PCR test result, will they have to undergo quarantine, or will they be exempt?

Any arriving passenger who has had a PCR test no more than 5 days prior to arrival and has proof of a negative test result must either

  • Have confirmed reservations at a COVID certified accommodation provider for the duration of their stay or
  • Have a pre-arranged stay confirmed at a Government operated quarantine facility.
I am a returning national/returning resident. Can I quarantine at home? How can I apply if I think I will qualify?

To submit an application for home quarantine please complete and submit the relevant sections of the travel registration form. All properties must be assessed for suitability for home quarantine. Please allow a minimum of 7 days for processing.

Is car hire/car rental available?

Car rental will only be available to visitors arriving from the designated Travel Bubble or visitors who have completed 14-days in a certified accommodation.

What sites and attractions can I visit while I am on the island?

CLICK HERE to see a regularly updated list of tours, excursions, restaurants and tour operators.



Tour Companies:

What is a PCR test and how is it administered?

A PCR test is a type of COVID-19 test and the sample is collected by a nasal swab and oral swab and tested in an approved laboratory.

What information must be included on the result certificate for my PCR test?

The following must be included on the test results that you upload:
• The name, address and telephone number of the lab where the sample was taken
• Your CORRECT name
• Your CORRECT date of birth
• The date the test was done
• The type of test and the method of testing
• The result

Will it hurt?

It is mildly uncomfortable but not painful.

What is the minimum age at which a test is required for entry?

Everyone 5 years and over is required to meet the pre-travel testing requirement.

Are NHS tests acceptable?

Yes, a NHS PCR test is acceptable but Lateral Flow Covid 19 test is NOT acceptable. Please check with the NHS location where you have your test that it is a PCR test. We know some people may qualify for an NHS test as key workers, but these tests are NOT supposed to be secured for just travel purposes.

My test result from the NHS is a text message to my mobile phone. Is this acceptable as proof of the test and result?

Yes, the text from the NHS is acceptable, please send a screen shot of the test result  to  as indicated on the Travel Registration Form and on the automatic email response to your form submission.

All arrivals (5 years and over) must have a COVID-19 PCR test with a negative result taken no more than 5 days before arrival in Saint Lucia. Test result must be submitted by email before travel to 

Can we politely ask that once you have taken you test that you limit social mixing as much as possible prior to travelling to Saint Lucia to protect yourself, family and the local community.

Please make sure that the email address that you have used for your travel authorisation form application is the same that you use for the submission of your test results, and that it can be seen. Also, please make sure that your test is a PCR test and NOT a Lateral Flow COVID 19 test – a  Lateral Flow COVID 19 is NOT acceptable. 

I will need to be tested before I return home at the end of my visit. What should I do?

You can ask your hotel or villa as they may be able to share convenient options based on the location of the property. Additionally, you may contact the laboratory directly, here are some links:

Lab Services Saint Lucia  

Rodney Bay Medical Centre

If a passenger displays symptoms on arrival, where will they be isolated?

The official isolation units are located at respiratory clinics at Victoria Hospital and St. Jude’s Hospital.

How many cases of COVID-19 are there in Saint Lucia? And what is the population of the island?

Saint Lucia has a population of approx. 180,000. Click here for updated COVID 19 statistics

What measures are in place to protect visitors?

From arrival into Saint Lucia, at the airport, the airport transfers (ground transportation), and the stay at the hotel – throughout the visit guests are being cared for. Public health protocols including (though not limited to) physical distancing, regular temperature checks, wearing masks and enhanced hygiene measures will be observed.

Visitors will be required to observe social distancing of six feet (2 meters). Masks will be required in public places, when within 6 feet of others and in select public spaces at hotels.

Do guests have to wear a mask at the resort?

Masks are required in public spaces at the resort. They are not required in restaurants once you are seated and at the pool.

I have booked a holiday to Saint Lucia from the UK. As Saint Lucia is on the amber list, I’m not sure I can travel. Can I postpone?

Each hotel and airline have specific cancellation and postponement policies, we suggest you contact your travel providers directly.

Click here for Covid-19 statistics, updates and advisories from the Government of Saint Lucia