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The following entry requirements are MANDATORY FOR ALL ARRIVALS:

  1. ALL travelers 18 years and older must complete and submit an online travel registration form to receive Travel Authorization.
  2. ALL travelers 5 years and over must take a COVID PCR test 5 days or less before arrival in Saint Lucia and submit the negative results to the travel registration form for review and approval. Note – Your test must be based on a nasopharyngeal swab, saliva samples are not accepted.

As an unvaccinated traveler you will be required to observe a 14-day period of quarantine. The first 8 days must be spent in a State Quarantine Facility after which you will be released to complete the quarantine at home.

You will be tested on the 7th day, and you will be allowed to go home to complete the quarantine period once a negative result is received (usually after 24-48 hours)

How to apply for State Quarantine:
Please send a message to to secure your reservation in a State Quarantine Facility. A minimum of 9 nights must be reserved. Please provide your name and arrival date. Your will receive a response confirming receipt of your request, and your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours.

The following charges apply to State Quarantine:
Single occupancy at USD $95.00 per night.
Double occupancy at USD $160.00 per night.
Triple occupancy at USD $240.00 per night.
Double and triple occupancy applies to families within the same unit.

Proof of reservation should be uploaded at the time of submission of your travel registration, so please reserve state quarantine before you submit your application.

Home Quarantine
Please allow 7 days for Home Quarantine approval. You may only apply to quarantine at home for the full 14-day period if you can answer yes to any of the following:

  • I am a minor (17 years or younger) travelling alone or I am traveling with a minor (provide minor’s passport bio page and travel itinerary)
  • I travelled for medical attention, (provide a letter from the doctor who treated you and travel itinerary)
  • I have an underlying health condition which cannot be accommodated in a state quarantine facility (provide a letter from your doctor)

You will need the required documents to submit your application form.

Applications for home quarantine will be automatically denied if the required documentation is not provided at the time of registration.

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