What is it that establishes someone as a musical ambassador, but a certain inimitable style, an enviable vocal ability, range and styling, a competence in diverse musical idioms? These elements, when melded with a soothing, but charismatic presence, make for a strong and instantaneous connection between the singer and her audience. Caught in the grip of Shirleyann’s message, one feels close up with TRUTH. She ministers the word in song and has been able to do this with credibility, genuine testimony and sincerity ever since the age of six.

This singer hails from a Saint Lucian community where there is a preponderance of worshippers of the Seventh Day Adventist faith. Church was, therefore, a major element in her conditioning as an individual and as a Christian from the age of six. It was then she found her voice, and as early as then, she got her nickname “little girl with the powerful voice”. It became well established that this ministering nightingale moved to the beat of a higher power and was not strictly the spokesperson for the Labayee Adventist Community. Shirleyann was soon to become the headliner for any concert in Saint Lucia once the medium was Gospel.

She has performed with most Gospel groups on the Island, and has represented Saint Lucia in competitions at home and abroad. In 1993, she captured the third place at the Emmanuel Four Teen Talent Competition in Barbados. A year later (1994), she won 1st place at the Music Exposé CBU song contest preliminaries in Saint Lucia, and from there, went on to represent Saint Lucia at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) Song Festival in Curacao. There she took the 2nd place as the youngest participant in a line-up of approximately ten seasoned and acclaimed vocalists from the Caribbean. That same year she represented Saint Lucia at the Richard Stoute Teen Talent competition in Barbados and walked away with the award for “Best Caribbean Song”.

A year later, at the age of seventeen (17) Shirleyann released her first Gospel Album called “I Believe”, which comprised nine originals including the CBU hit “Voices”.
An amazing talent such as she is can never be ignored. Because of the signature style, characteristic humility and that versatile vocal range, she can handle any musical idiom- but she will only sing to the Glory of God.