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Let Her Inspire You

Health & Wellness

Let Her Inspire You

Health and Wellness
in Saint Lucia

Treatments & Therapies


Sea Water has been used therapeutically for ages. Some resorts such as The Body Holiday offer specific thalassotherapy treatments however the many clean beaches in Saint Lucia lend themselves to therapy through using sea water for various health ailments and the maintenance of health. The island also has a bustling sea weed industry with the product being used locally but also exported internationally.


is an ancient traditional energy healing process which incorporates physical manipulation of the body using home-made concoctions of oils, herbs and other beneficial substances. Legend has it that “the gift” is passed down from generation to generation of practitioners. Locals swear by it. Philos is one option. They are located at the hut at the sulphur baths.

The hieroglyphics at Stone Field which represent the family unit and was carved centuries ago by the kalinago people is said to be a fertility rock. Legend has it that touching the stone results in positive fertility outcomes.

Bush Medicine

is the use of indigenous medicinal herbs and spices for curing ailments and maintaining health. Many companies are packaging these herbs in easy to use bags. They include The Enchanted Kettle Tea Company and Reggo Dolls Teas and Spices.

Hotel & Resort spas for treatments and therapies

The Body Holiday

One of the world’s first destination spa resorts, for over 30 years, The Body Holiday has been a popular choice for rest and rejuvenation for a discerning clientele. They incorporate healing modalities from around the world executed by professionals steeped in the expertise of these ancient healing practices. Their mantra is “balance, not abstinence.” This ensures that the clients experience healing without rigidity and restrictions which would preclude their enjoyment of their holiday.

Mount Kailash

Owned and operated by acclaimed herbalist the Honorable Priest Kailash Leonce, this mountain retreat has become the escape of international reggae stars and world class athletes alike. The center features cottages made out of indigenous material, a strictly plant based/nutritarian eating plan as well as local herbal preparations. It’s perfect for healing retreats and sojourns.

Sol Sanctum Wellness Hotel

Sol Sanctum Wellness Hotel offers transformative yoga and meditation holidays which include massage, energy healing, Tai chi classes and plants based meals.

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort

Located in the center of what has been known to be the spiritual heart and soul of the island (the kalinago people journeyed to this area annually to pay homage to the gods) this resort has created programs for mental and physical rejuvenation. Their Rainforest Spa features products and treatments made from the nearby volcanic springs and cocoa plantations. There is a new beach front wellness and fitness facility featuring a yoga studio and cardio training room.

A new multimillion renovation and revamp has seen wellness becoming one of the main focal points of this resort. Apart from their world class spa and well equipped gym, they now offer reiki, underwater breath work classes, paddle board yoga and other unique healing modalities.

Cap Maison Resort and Spa

This resort features yoga and pilates classes, a hiking and running club and a selection of spa treatments by extremely qualified specialists using top rated spa lines.

Stonefield Villa Resort

Wellness is central to their experience. Stonefield has curated packages for retreats, mediation and fitness. It has also become an escape for top celebrities who appreciate the privacy and seclusion of the resort. They also make growing their herbs and other produce a priority and feature the best of the island’s indigenous superfoods on their menu.

Jade Mountain

Ayurveda and other holistic modalities are a major cornerstone of Jade Mountain’s wellness experience. Yoga and fitness in general are heavily featured and there are many unique treatments including romantic/tantric rituals for couples.

The Landings St. Lucia

The Landings St. Lucia has a 7000 square foot spa dedicated to wellness.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort

Independent Spas

  1. Tranquil Escape Day Spa offers authentic thai massage, Hot Stone Massages, LED facials among other treatments
  2. Cool Water Day Spa is operated by a veteran in the field and offers a wide range of treatments
  3. Face to Face Day Spa at the Rodney Bay Marina
  4. Ojas Spa for authentic ayurvedic treatments
  5. Balance Life TCM for authentic tuina massage, acupuncture and cupping
  6. Bamboo Spa (located on the grounds of Coco Palm but independently owned and operated)
  7. JT’s Healing Therapy for Sports Massages and Colonic Hydrotherapy