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Calabash Mountain Villa

Name: Calabash Mountain Villa
Address: Esperance Road
Phone: (758) 461-3971
Location: Soufriere

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Calabash Mountain Villa

Calabash Mountain Villa is a different experience, built in a lush mountain setting, designed to get you away from the bustling resort towns. You will marvel at the lush mountain valley from your open air terrace. Our guestrooms offer uninhibited views, accompanied by nature’s orchestra of exotic creatures and scents of fruits, flowers and spices. You will be amazed by the rainbows you see here quite often. Then, when you want sea and sand, it is only a short distance to Soufriere. A place where visitors from around the globe can bask in the colors of nature and breathe in the spirit of Saint Lucia.


Food and Drink: [yes]
Nearby Excursions: [yes]
Property Amenities: [yes]
Room Amenities: [yes]
Sports and Activities: [yes]

Facility Info

Number of Rooms 8