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Embrace island life in Saint Lucia for up to six weeks


A holiday in Saint Lucia never feels long enough – so we’re offering this exciting opportunity to extend your visit for up to six glorious weeks. Our Live it program offers you the opportunity to stay with us here in Saint Lucia for an extended period. And to do exactly what you want to do, thanks to the tailor-made experiences from our approved Live it Island Specialists.

There are so many things to explore safely in Saint Lucia and our immersive program will see you living like a local while feeling like a member of the family. The Live it Island Specialist will tailor activities to suit. Learn creole cooking. Hike the majestic Pitons! Explore the rainforests. Work from paradise. Rediscover yourself. Reconnect. Discover hidden gems that visitors usually can’t find.

After filling out the online form below, you will be paired with a Live it Island Specialist (local tour operator) who will be your personal guide before and during your stay. From flights to accommodation, activities and transport – they will take care of everything. They will also manage the Covid-related entry requirements and your safe visit.

And if six weeks isn’t long enough, you can even stay longer if you’d like to. Before your six week stay is up, talk to your Live it Island Specialist to request an extension of up to one year.

Don’t just be a visitor, be a local.

Featured Itineraries

Each day in Saint Lucia can be a new combination of work, play and a new adventure with the “Live it” program. Working with a dedicated Live it Island Specialist, you can make the most of your time with a perfectly planned itinerary that best suits your interests. 

For more inspiration, click on the options below and start looking forward to your extended Saint Lucia adventure.

Barefoot Holidays

Barefoot Holidays is an award-winning full-service destination management company, with over 30 years of experience in planning and providing unique holidays for discerning travellers. They are specialists in meeting the diverse needs and expectations of clients, and their talented team of staff possesses the passion and knowledge required to deliver at a high standard. Guests can expect excellent service, including airport transfers and fast track, a dedicated concierge, dinner reservations, and admission to attractions, plus much more.

Address: Glasgow Hill P.O. Box BW379, Rodney Bay
Phone: (758) 450-0507

St. James Travel & Tours

Experience Saint Lucia the St. James Travel & Tours way, with attentive care from arrival to departure. For over 40 years, they have established themselves as one of the Caribbean’s leading premier destination management companies and approach all travel planning with passion and professionalism. Visitors can enjoy the peace of mind that everything has been meticulously overseen by a dedicated concierge, who is on hand to ensure that all personal requests are met and that you leave with unforgettable island memories.

Address: Castries, Saint Lucia
Phone: (758) 484-7575

Serenity Vacations & Tours

This close-knit team is dedicated to providing a unique, and authentically Saint Lucian form of hospitality for your long stay. Serenity Vacations & Tours strive to create an intimate experience, where guests feel a warm welcome and excellent attention to detail for the duration of their stay. You will be assigned a Vacations Ambassador, whose priority and focus is to provide a personal island experience and create a luxurious home-away-from-away.


Address: Castries, Saint Lucia
Phone: (866) 766-0794

Frequently Asked Questions

See the most commonly asked guest travel questions.

Do I need a visa/permit for my extended stay?

No visa or permit is required for the initial six-week stay.

Can I stay longer than 6 weeks?

Yes – contact your Live it Island Specialist for advice and arrangements.

What are the relevant COVID-related travel protocols?

The standard protocols exist for the first fourteen days, see After 14 days general safety protocols must continue to be observed, including social distancing and wearing face masks in public spaces.

Are the protocols different for my longer stay?

After first 14 days a confirmation letter and wrist band will be issued to allow you to move around freely while observing the island’s general safety protocols (wearing a mask and social distancing in public areas, and sanitizing).

Can I rent a car?

Yes – once you have completed the quarantine period you can rent a car. Arrangements can be made directly with a car rental company or through your Live it Island Specialist.

Am I restricted to certified accommodation, tours and transportation?

During the first 14 days of your stay quarantine protocols must be followed. This includes staying in a certified property and arranging certified tours. These can be arranged through your Live it Island Specialist, through your hotel or directly with tour providers. After the quarantine period has ended and you have received clearance from the MoT you are free to explore the island and access tours and attractions, however you will not be permitted to interact with guests staying in certified accommodation. Standard protocols of wearing of a face mask, physical distancing and sanitizing must continue to be observed.

Is the entry application process the same as it is for a short-stay visitor?

Yes – visit for details and to submit your travel registration form to receive travel authorization.

Can I switch accommodation after the first two weeks?

Yes – after the first two weeks, you may choose to move to different accommodation. You can work with your Island Specialist or visit for inspiration.

If so, is there a limit on the number of properties I can stay in?

During the first 14 days of your stay in Saint Lucia you may only stay in up to 2 properties. However, once the first 14 days are up, there is no limit to the number of properties in which you can stay.

I have friends/family in Saint Lucia. Can I stay with them once I've completed the first 14 days of quarantine?

Yes, you can.

Do I need to take a PCR/antigen test after the 14 days?

No there is no requirement to test out of quarantine if you are not showing any symptoms. You will be assigned a confirmation letter and a band that identifies you as a long stay visitor after 14 days on the island.

After the first 14-days quarantine requirement, am I free to explore the island?

Yes, once you have received your band you are free to explore.

How can I curate my package and receive a quotation?

Please complete the form below and select the Live it Island Specialists that you would like to contact for details of itineraries and quotations. The information will be sent directly to them, and they will contact you soon afterwards.

What happens if I get Covid during my stay?

If you test positive for COVID-19 during your time in Saint Lucia, you will be required to isolate for a 14-day period or until fully recovered. If you have mild symptoms (or no symptoms) you will be permitted to isolate in your accommodation. If your condition is severe and you require monitoring or medical attention you will be admitted to a Respiratory Facility and treated at your own cost.

Do I need to take a Covid test prior to my departure?

Please check the entry requirements for your travel destination.

How does the Live it program differ from someone contacting an Island Specialist directly and booking a multi-week stay?

Live it does not leave you wondering who to contact. It immediately places you directly into the care of some of Saint Lucia’s award-winning Island Specialists who take care of your every need with certified operators pre arrival, on arrival and through to your departure from the island.

Can I stay longer than six weeks?

Yes. As part of the Live it program, you are permitted to stay up to 42 days as a matter of course. Before that period has finished, talk to your Live it Island Specialist if you wish to request an extension. They will assist with the extension application and document process via the local Immigration department. You must have a return flight booked for your extended date. There is a charge of EC200 per additional month or part month that you stay. Once this is approved by the Immigration department, you may stay in Saint Lucia for up to 12 months.

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