St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!

Food & Restaurants

It began with the Amerindians who were drawn to Gros Piton and Petit Piton for their mystical protection, followed by generations of Africans who brought a variety of enchanting flavors. The French and British followed with customs and traditions that manifested themselves in the essence of Saint Lucian cuisine. And that is how today’s Saint Lucia tastes.

Saint Lucia's food is an incredible mix of cuisines, textures, styles such as bakes and accra from a roadside stand to a perfectly plated five course Mahi Mahi dinner. It’s a freshly cut coconut after a long days hike to the Friday night Fish fry in Gros Islet or Anse La Raye. It’s a wonderful array of the freshest island produce and seafood exemplifying the true essence of farm to table.

 It’s an eclectic mix of Asian, American, European, Indian and Caribbean flavours and sensibilities that are nothing short of a spectacular - and part of the reason why Saint Lucia’s authentic culinary experience has become extraordinary.