St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!

Casual Dining

Grabbing a casual bite is easy around Saint Lucia, and our laidback ambiance extends to many restaurants where the emphasis is on enjoying the moment and relaxing over food with friends. You’ll see dozens of street vendors, day and night, offering traditional fare and many other options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Never eaten saltfish and cucumber salad or fried chicken and Creole bread for breakfast? How about pig tail soup or stewed conch for lunch? A freshly caught and steamed lobster with ground provision pie for a special celebration dinner?

In Saint Lucia’s casual eateries, you’ll discover local favourite dishes to enjoy every day of the year, and some community vendors have loyal fans who drive two hours for that particular specialty. Where there are crowds, there are delicious experiences, so ask around for recommendations and chow down.

Whether it's a beach-side full English breakfast, a smoky grilled burger for lunch or delicious steak dinner without dressing up, Saint Lucia has a range of excellent eateries offering international cuisines including Italian, Indian, Chinese, steakhouses, smokehouses, family style Creole and the list goes on.

So what are you waiting for? Manjé Let’s eat!