St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!

Fine Dining 

Saint Lucia's Creole heritage is alive and well in the island's cuisine, and its influences can be tasted on many fine dining menus, but the island is proud of its wide variety of international culinary influences that can be seen in the restaurant sector today.

From local and Caribbean, through Asian and fusion, to international and eclectic, there is a real smorgasbord of restaurants across Saint Lucia, both independent and resort-based, which are breaking the boundaries of cuisine by taking local, indigenous ingredients to the highest echelons of creativity. The result is an exciting food scene at the highest level, with an ever-changing palette of players and products stimulated by feedback from thousands of happily hungry visitors every year.

From quietly lapping waves on the water’s edge to awe-inspiring panoramic views, Saint Lucia’s finest restaurants boast spectacular locations to match their high end cuisine. Some resorts, like Jade Mountain, Sugar Beach and BodyHoliday, have been written about internationally for their amazing menus and breath-takingly wonderful vistas. Dressing up for dinner is de rigeur, and the gentle melodies of steel pan or saxophone are likely to accompany your fine-dining experience, just to add to the Simply Beautiful ambiance.

Only one question remains: What's for dinner?