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All persons travelling to Saint Lucia are required to complete the appropriate sections of this TRAVEL REGISTRATION FORM 7 days or more before departure. You will receive a submission confirmation email shortly after you submit the Travel Registration Form. If your booking is last-minute, the auto-generated submission confirmation email that you will receive immediately after submission should be forwarded to

All persons travelling to Saint Lucia (5 years and over) are also required to submit PCR test results by email prior to departure. Test results should be sent to

You MUST print and travel with a copy of the submission confirmation email and a copy of your test results and a copy of the TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION LETTER that you will receive.

Visitors arriving from outside the designated travel bubble must have:

  1. Confirmed reservations in COVID-9 certified accommodation for the duration of their visit if less than 14 days, and for the first 14 days of their visit if the visit is longer than 14 day.
  2. OR

  3. Approval to join a vessel immediately after arrival

Visitors must receive a Travel Authorization Letter approval to travel prior to boarding (In-transit visitors exempt)

Nationals & Residents arriving from outside the designated travel bubble:

  • Must receive a travel authorization letter prior to boarding
  • Must spend 14 days in quarantine
  • Must have a confirmed stay at a State Quarantine Facility (state quarantine fees apply) or
  • Must have a confirmed stay in a COVID-19 certified property (hotel costs apply) or
  • Must have approval for home quarantine or
  • Will be required to spend the quarantine period (14 days) in COVID-19 compliant accommodation at their own cost if approval has not been granted for an intended stay in state quarantine

Staying in Certified accommodation
Guests must remain at their Certified Accommodation for the duration of their stay or for the first 14 days of their stay in Saint Lucia except in the event of

  • medical emergencies,
  • to participate in tours
  • for return travel

Staying on board a vessel
Persons with accommodation on board a vessel must comply with the quarantine requirements and protocols and remain on board for 14 days.