Saint Lucia

Dont Just Visit Love It

2 Options to embrace island life in Saint Lucia for up to one year


Our Live it program offers you the opportunity to stay with us here in Saint Lucia for an extended period. And to do exactly what you want to do, thanks to the tailor-made experience from our approved Live it Island Specialists or you can choose to live it independently and create your own experience.



Option 1


Tailor-made experience from our approved Live it Island Specialists

There are so many things to explore safely in Saint Lucia and our immersive program will see you living like a local while feeling like a member of the family. The Live it Island Specialist will tailor activities to suit your every desire. Learn creole cooking. Hike the majestic Pitons! Explore the rainforests. Work from paradise. Rediscover yourself. Reconnect. Discover hidden gems that visitors usually can’t find. From flights to accommodation, activities and transport – they will take care of everything. They will also manage the Covid-related entry requirements and any visa extensions.

Contact any of the Island Specialists below:

Barefoot Holidays
Serenity Vacations & Tours
St James Travel & Tours

Option 2


Live it Independently

Another option is to apply directly to our Immigration Department via email VISAOFFICE@POLICE.GOVT.LC.

Don’t just be a visitor, be a local.