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Frantz Laurac 


Frantz Laurac is a jazz pianist, composer, producer and singer from Martinique.

He began his formal study of piano with his mother, a music teacher, when he was four. Aged 19, he moved to continental France, to study musicology both at the University of Bordeaux III and at the National Regional Conservatory of Bordeaux. In 2004 he graduated in musicology and enrolled at Le Ciam, a Bordeaux-based music school specialized in Contemporary Music Education. When he arrived in Paris, Frantz Laurac met and collaborated with artists from various cultural backgrounds (from South America, Japan, Central and Western Africa, to name a few) and from diverse musical genres. He also taught the piano and gave harmony lessons to professional and amateur musicians across the city.

In 2011, Frantz Laurac  released  his  first  album,  “Pakala”,  performed  by  Frantz Laurac Quartet, a band comprising Stephane and Jerome Castry for the rhythmic section, Jussi Paavola, a Finnish saxophonist, as well as band leader and pianist Frantz Laurac. This album, a co-production with Ruddy Boa, was praised on social media and the Blogodo Jazz track was hailed as a must-hear experience.

After playing on many Parisian stages as a respected sideman, Frantz Laurac was invited to various festivals such as “Jazz sous Les Pommiers” and “Festival de Fort- de-France” where he performed−featuring talented Malika Tirolien−in the first part of Arturo Sandoval’s concert. In 2011, Biguine Jazz festival gave him the opportunity to present his work in Martinique for the first time and he had the pleasure to be accompanied by renowned bassist Michel Alibo.

Since 2013, Frantz has performed on the main jazz stages in Martinique with his trio composed of bassist Alick Lowenski and drummer Daniel Dantin. He has also accompanied many artists such as Sylvia Howard, Luther François, Reginald Policard, Malika Tirolien, Nicolas Lossen, Fanswa Ladrezeau, Straika D, Esy  Kennenga,  Admiral  T,  Alpha  Wess,  Nestor  Azerot,  Joelle  Ursull,  Loriane Zacharie, Black Kalagan, for both studio and stage performances.