St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!

Take It Leisurely - Soft Adventure

Saint Lucia’s beautiful plunging valleys, rising twin peaks and 98 miles of coastline beg to be explored, and you can do so at the pace you prefer. Whether you take a scenic helicopter excursion, sail along the west coast or canter on horseback riding along a stunning beach: there are plenty of ways to enjoy the island.



Saint Lucia has many hiking trails that can be leisurely and picturesque on both the northern and southern ends of the island. From Tete Paul in the south where you can almost touch the top of the Pitons when you reach the top of the hiking trail to Lucian country life and Fond La Tis Sab in the north where you take a leisurely walk through the countryside and view the various aspects of Saint Lucia's plants, fruits and heritage.

Hiking Tours:

  1. Tet Paul Nature Trail
  2. Lucian Country Life


Turtle Watching

Camp overnight and marvel at the wonders of nature as you see Leatherback turtles lay their eggs on Grand Anse beach from March to August. Website.


Horseback Riding

There are two horse-riding centres on island offering visitors the chance to canter along the scenic coastline, banana plantations and pasture lands. You can also go into the sea with your horse for an even heightened experience.

Sulphur Springs Mud Bath

No visit to Saint Lucia would be complete without a visit to Soufriere, so-called because of the sulphurous aromas emanating from the area's unique drive-in volcano and steaming mud baths. A seven acre crater with more than 20 hot mud pools teaming with sulfur deposits and other minerals, Saint Lucia’s Soufriere Volcano is a one of kind experience.



Explore one of Saint Lucia’s many waterfalls that are dotted throughout the island.  Stand under the cool cascading waterfall and bask in the natural surroundings or feel the warmth of one of Saint Lucia’s natural hot springs.