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Marigot Bay

Just under four miles south of Castries lies a place that has been called "the most beautiful in the Caribbean" by none other than James Michener, who wrote a sweeping chronicle of the islands in 1989. Marigot Bay is a hurricane hole, sheltered in the worst of weather by the steep hillsides that surround its small, deep harbour.

Approaching by land or sea, Marigot Bay feels like a secret treasure, and the charming, serene ambiance draws visitors to spend the day exploring. Home to several resorts and private residences, there are many excellent restaurants right in the bay, with free water taxis making it easy to move around.

On top of the hill at Marigot village, enjoy spectacular views and a slice of local life, or take a hike up the forested hillside on the south side for a different panorama; you can even kayak through the mangroves around this wonderful bay, which featured in the 1967 movie Dr. Doolittle, starring Rex Harrison and a large pink snail!