St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!


No visit to Saint Lucia would be complete without a visit to Soufriere, so-called because of the sulphurous aromas emanating from the area's unique drive-in volcano and steaming mud baths. Secluded waterfalls lie just minutes from the tiny town centre, a picturesque slice of Saint Lucian life, complete with street vendors and tiny local stores, and some of the island's finest resorts are located in Soufriere.

But it's the spectacular sight of The Pitons that brings a gasp of appreciation from visitors, and the iconic twin peaks have become synonymous with Saint Lucia, whether in the motif of its flag or the countless images that rebound across social networks from the cameras and phones of an amazed audience

Saint Lucia Pitons

Some visitors choose to climb a Piton, and feel the awe of seeing Saint Lucia from an eagle's eye viewpoint - that can be arranged! As can a deep dive below the mountains, where coral clings to underwater cliff and tropical sea life is another island miracle. Soufriere is also home to many unique cultural and historical tour destinations, including working cocoa plantations, former sugar estates and lush botanical gardens.