St. Lucia LIVE CAM!!

Trip Ideas

Whether you're looking for a unique vacation for two or creating a customised itinerary for a larger group or organization, Saint Lucia's many accommodations and experiences make it easy to find a suitable theme for like-minded friends, family and colleagues.

From stunning vistas, soaring mountains and lush rain forests, to the tranquil azure ocean and cooling northern trade winds, Saint Lucia offers a perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and memorable settings.

Contact our travel trade experts for help crafting the ideal vacation, and in the meantime, here are a few ideas to stimulate your imagination.

Chocolate Lovers' Fantasy

If savouring chocolate releases the same endorphins as  being in love, imagine how romantic it will be to explore the origins of Cupid's favourite treat? From the organically-cultivated plantations where indigenous cocoa pods ripen from green to blood red, to the final, mouthwatering result, follow Saint Lucia's chocolate trail to discover why our island's cocoa is rated the finest in the world, then explore the culinary sensation of cocoa at some of Saint Lucia's finest restaurants.

·    Eat ripe cocoa straight from the tree to experience a different take on chocolate

·    Take a plantation tour and discover how the traditions of cocoa-growing are being redeveloped on the island

·    Watch today's cocoa farmers recreate the centuries-old cocoarina dance as the beans start their journey towards the culinary world

·    Design and create your own organic chocolate to enjoy for the rest of your trip

·    Dine on cocoa-inspired delicacies at some of Saint Lucia's finest restaurants or have a private chef create a special menu for your group

Ocean Explorations

Whether you're a novice or seasoned sailor, experienced or new diver, keen sports fisher or aspiring yachtie, Saint Lucia has a thousand ways to spend time on and under the Caribbean Sea.

·    If you've always wanted to learn to sail or think you'd make a great crewmember, Saint Lucia offers sailing vacations to cover every skill level. Learn to man a Hobie cat in just a few lessons before setting sail single-handed, or simply sail away on a chartered yacht to explore the beautiful private beaches. The island's marine tours cover every imaginable sailing angle, with expert coaches and excellent conditions to enjoy Saint Lucia's coastline and beyond.

·    Under the waves, a whole other world of Saint Lucia awaits. Whether you're a novice at diving or on your way to becoming a PADI qualified Dive Master, the island has wonderful diving sites boasting spectacular coral formations, captivating shipwrecks and reefs teeming with tropical life. Instructors at Saint Lucia's many highly professional dive schools and resort dive shops will guide you through diving techniques and introduce you to the wide range of excellent dive locations along the island's coasts.

·    Saint Lucia's waters are full of great fishing spots known to local professionals and visiting fishing buffs alike. How would you like to catch and release a 200-pound marlin in your company's private Billfish Tournament? Or haul in a big barracuda to barbecue on the beach? The ultimate fishing-pole to fork experience waits in Saint Lucia, and while sport- or bill-fishing was long considered a man's sport, women are now hopping aboard their own powerboats to compete for the catch!

Spa Heaven

Renowned for some of the best spas on the planet, Saint Lucia is a haven for health and wellness, supported by the exquisite skills of internationally trained therapists. If your mind and body are calling for rejuvenation and relaxation, a stay in Saint Lucia can confer newfound energy and clarity, inspired by the beauty and serenity of the island.

·    Experience the ultimate natural spa treatment at Saint Lucia's drive-in volcano, where the black, mineral-laden muds of the Sulphur Springs are reputed to have amazing healing powers

·    Indulge in a full-body massage, alone or with a significant other, and enjoy the sensual bliss of aromatic oils made from local herbs, spices and flowers

·    Explore the bounties of Ayurvedic healing in an authentic Indian temple, enjoy Thai or Balinese massage on a breezy cliffside, relax into reflexology and Reiki or salute the sun with a restorative yoga practice on a serene, white-sand beach. 


Home to some of the most stirring and ecologically fascinating terrains in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia promises adventure for the outdoor enthusiasts or environmental explorer:

·    Hike the wild northern coastline to a spectacular deserted beach or climb the Pitons for a panoramic view of the island

·    Zipline through ancient rainforest or enjoy the canopy's trees, tropical flowers and melodic birdsong from a silently gliding aerial tram

·     Wander through the tumbling shrubs and vibrant blooms of the island's botanical gardens and discover bracing waterfalls where you can cool off from the sun

·    Camp on an Atlantic beach by full moon to await the arrival of stately Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles to lay their eggs where they themselves were hatched

·   Take a fishing boat to visit the home of the Saint Lucia whiptail and other unique indigenous species, protected and thriving under the guidance of the National Trust.

Culinary Odysseys, Saint Lucia-style

Saint Lucia's fertile landscape is a treasure trove of exotic fruits and vegetables, with many small farms producing organic crops to be snapped up by local chefs and transformed in the culinary movement currently sweeping the island. Whether it's the tender, spiced chicken from a street vendor's barbecue, the freshest catch of the day cooked in a piquant Creole sauce or a gastronomic adventure over six courses at one of Saint Lucia's fine-dining restaurants, we are a foodie's dream vacation.

·    Eat family-style comfort food at a pink plantation house overlooking the sweeping panorama of the island's capital city

·    Dine at the water's edge on just-caught sushi, hand-thrown pizza or homemade pasta at some of the island's most picturesque restaurants

·    Follow the queue for barbecued fish and conch at Gros Islet, and discover the lesser-known dining spots of seafood-loving locals

·    Enjoy a beach barbecue with lobster and shrimp prepared island-style by your own private chef and cooked on a traditional Saint Lucian coal pot as waves crash on the sand in the background

·    Learn to cook like a professional — many chefs and resorts offer private lessons in Creole cooking or seasonal events highlighting signature ingredients like Saint Lucia's twenty-plus varieties of mango

·    Follow the chocolate trail and savor the innovative cuisine developing from Saint Lucia's reemerging cocoa sector — if you think chocolate is all about desserts, think again, and prepare to be adventurous with appetizers and entrees!