Story Ideas

Saint Lucia has a thousand stories, visual, spoken and written. Which one can we help you tell? Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your ideas and imagination.

Snap: Saint Lucia is Ready For Her Close-up

Gorgeous from every angle, morning, noon and night, Saint Lucia takes visitors’ breath away with its singular splendour. Photographers and Instagrammers from around the world are trying to get the special shot that will capture it all, and we know some of the island’s best-kept photo op secrets:

  • The perfect vantage to capture nature in spectacular Saint Lucian settings
  • The best time of year and time of day for photos of stunning Saint Lucian sunsets
  • The art of getting the captivating travel shots at Saint Lucia’s world famous market.


Like what you see? You’ll love what we can show you. The above is just the beginning of the photo safari of your dreams.

Listen Up! The Saint Lucia Music Scene

Saint Lucia has become a mecca for music and entertainment in the Southern Caribbean, and our many talented performers can be seen at island events throughout the year.

With annual events such as Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, Carnival, Jounen Kweyol, Mercury Beach and countless other musical extravaganzas throughout the year, Saint Lucia has plenty to offer the music lover so be sure to schedule a musical fete of your own during your visit.

We love to ‘fete,’ which means fast soca music and plenty of energy, and you can find young up-comers like Teddyson John, Derek Yarde Project and Mongstar rousing the crowd at resort and local venues such as Gros Islet Friday Night street party.

Saint Lucia is well known for jazz sons of the soil Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and Luther Francois, but for an alternative vibe, check out Skip Monday and Claudia Edward, who bring a rock influence to island rhythms, or violinist Yannick James whose fiddling talent sweeps from local Creole standards to covering the latest hits in his own inimitable way.

Steel pan is also a traditional favourite, whether it’s the tinkling of a solo pannist or the blood-rushing thrill of an orchestra of steel, and many resorts have regular live music featuring local shak-shak bands and other undiscovered talents.

Taste the Caribbean: Saint Lucia Cuisine

As you drive across Saint Lucia, it’s hard to miss the bounty that islanders enjoy all year long. From more than two dozen varieties of mangoes hanging from trees to wild yams and watermelons proliferating unplanned in the soil, there is culinary inspiration across the island, and offshore, excellent fish and fresh seafood are abundant and available on a daily basis.

The result is a constantly evolving culinary scene: modern and innovative, with a focus on organic and tropical ingredients sourced right in the ‘bread basket’ of Saint Lucia. Whether it’s a breakfast of saltfish and bakes from a street vendor, a lunch of spicily seasoned octopus from Chef Robbie at his Pigeon Island beach shack, artistic mahi-mahi at Chef Orlando’s in Soufriere for dinner or an amazing dessert by award-winning pastry chef Ronald Estephane at Coconut Bay in Vieux Fort, every day is a culinary adventure in Saint Lucia, so get out and taste the island. We promise you’ll enjoy our many flavours!

Greening the Island: Environmental Awareness in Saint Lucia

Green initiatives are always welcome, and Saint Lucia’s tourism industry has many eco-friendly business owners who are bringing innovative solutions to the island:

  • Dive Saint Lucia in Rodney Bay is a purpose-built dive school designed to meet international green standards and aspirations to become the world’s first Platinum LEED certified dive facility
  • At IGY Rodney Bay Marina, garbage recycling has been introduced in an ambitious scheme to green-up the island’s largest yachting hub, and the company involves the public in local clean-up campaigns in the busiest tourist areas
  • Saint Lucia is also home to community-based initiatives like organic farms and school gardens, farmers’ markets and local craft collaboratives that are pushing the important cottage industry economy within the tourism sector.

Contact us to learn more about how Saint Lucia continues to “go green” in the private and public sectors, with sustainable development being a key strategy in our industries.


Saint Lucia is the adopted home of many ex-pats from the USA, UK, Europe and Canada, along with diaspora from other Caribbean islands. You’ll find many characters around the island, from hotel and guest house owners to yachties and retirees, all of whom are delighted to call Saint Lucia home.

How do you meet the ex-pat community? There are favourite haunts like Rodney Bay in the North, where the many restaurants and bars provide an opportunity to mix and mingle with locals and adopted Lucians, and many ex-pat communities have national associations on social media.

Saint Lucia is a small island, so chances are, if you put the call out to find someone from your neck of the woods, the ex-pat community will track them down! But if you’re looking for someone with a particular background or personality, let us put our network to work, giving you the names and contacts you need for your story.

Saint Lucia Archeology & Historic Sites

Saint Lucia’s history is up front and central in daily life as you move around the island. From crumbling military ruins atop Pigeon Island National Park to faded plantation houses dotted around the former sugar and cocoa estates of Soufriere, the island is peppered with traces of Amerindian tribal warfare, fierce naval battles between the French and English and a colonial past that still colours the island architecture to this day.

Among the storied legacies we can help you explore:

  • Petroglyphs and burial sites
  • The island’s sugar and rum history at the distillery in Roseau
  • The restorative experience of the old mineral baths at Diamond Falls in Soufriere
  • The aptly-named Pink Plantation House on Morne Fortune in Castries
  • The elegant lifestyle of Madame de Micoud and the ensuing battles of The Brigands in 18th century Saint Lucia at Mamiku Gardens
  • The magical Balenbouche in Laborie or elegant lifestyle of Madame de Micoud and the ensuing battles of The Brigands in 18th-century Saint Lucia


Depending on where you’re reading this, you’ll either jump at the chance of a little cricket-watching during your visit to Saint Lucia, or you’ll think we’re talking about the chirping critter that melodiously sings us to sleep on the islands.

Cricket is that “mysterious” game beloved by millions in the West Indies, India, Australia, England and a host of other nations, drawing crowds of thousands to stadiums across the world to watch teams bat in pairs, make runs for points and try to avoid being sent out of the game by the fielding opposition.

It’s a bit like baseball at a less frenetic pace, on an oval pitch with a crease instead of a plate and a set of rules that could boggle the mind of even the most accomplished sports aficionado. Nevertheless we love cricket in Saint Lucia, and our local hero, West Indies team captain Darren Sammy, has done the island proud.

At Beausejour Cricket Ground there are regular fixtures with local and visiting teams throughout the year, including the annual Caribbean Professional League in August, welcoming teams from Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia and other island nations to participate in a multi-venue round robin and exciting, colourful final.