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Diamond Falls – Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

Name: Soufriere Estate
Address: P.O Box 278, Soufriere
Phone: (758) 452-4759
Location: Soufriere

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Diamond Falls – Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

The embodiment of the word “tropical” unfolds at the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens, amid a confluence of exotic foliage, vivid blossoms and the fluttering forest birds that they attract. Carved out of an old cocoa plantation along a pleasant river ravine, the diverse gardens flow one to the next, each with individual charm and distinctive themes. In the midst of the splendid displays of brilliantly coloured flora stands evidence of Saint Lucia’s past as this, one of the oldest cultivated areas of the island, sequesters the legendary Diamond Mineral Baths, reputed to be on par with the most lauded of Europe. Island history suggests that a young Empress Josephine enjoyed the benefits of these steaming pools. And, yet again, another legend has touched down upon these grounds. Superman, in Superman II, after having flown between the Pitons pauses before the enchanting Diamond Falls to pluck the remarkable bird-of-paradise for Lois Lane. It’s a time capsule. If we listen carefully, we can still here the blissful voices of Ciboney and Arawak children echoing as they splashed and played in 900 BC Ioüanalao. A relaxed stroll through the Diamond Botanical Gardens ( to the picturesque waterfall reveals many appealing facets that meld nature and history. It is a most pleasurable way to enjoy a few hours.