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Hotel Chocolat

Name: Hotel Chocolat
Address: Rabot Estate PO Box 312
Phone: 758 459 7699
Location: Soufriere

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Hotel Chocolat

"The cooling infinity pool is waiting, the cocktail list has been tested, the dishes have been tasted and the crisp bed linen has been pressed – the countdown is over and our boutique hotel on the island of Saint Lucia is now open. It's a place dedicated to barefoot luxury in naturally relaxing surroundings with awe-inspiring views from 1000 feet above sea level. It's a destination created to make you feel good – and all with a dash of luxurious hedonism." Angus Thirlwell Co-founder & Chief-Executive

Food and Drink: [yes]
Nearby Excursions: [yes]
Property Amenities: [yes]
Room Amenities: [yes]
Spa: [yes]
Sports and Activities: [yes]

Facility Info
Number of Rooms 6
Suites 8