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Maher Beauroy




Maher Beauroy lives in La Martinique where he was born. At the age of five, his love of the piano opened the doors to the “Académie de Musique de Martinique” and later to the SERMAC – the art school founded by Aimé Césaire – where he discovered jazz.
In 2006, he left La Martinique and headed to Paris where he ticked all the boxes of the aspiring musician. He went to the DEM (Conservatoire Maurice Ravel), obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology and a Master’s degree in Music Business (Paris-Sorbonne). But it is in 2014 that he took the big leap across the "Pond" to Boston where he went to strengthen his skills alongside Eddy Gomez, Joanne Brackeenm, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Laszlo Gardony and even Billy Kilson amongst others. His time at Berklee College of Music paid off in 2017 with a Performance Division Piano award.

Maher confesses: “The human and musical experience at Berklee unlocked many things and studying at this prestigious school had always been a dream”.
His debut album Washa! crystallizes the moment of his departure and emancipation. In Creole "Washa" is a word that describes the actual moment, the very instant. It is the swish of a blade opening a path through long grass, it is the crash of waves on all horizons.
In the last two years Maher Beauroy has played his music all around the world (Florida, Indonesia, Russia, The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Algeria, Paris…). Washa! is the first album under his own name.

What Jacques Schwarz-Bart has to say about Maher Beauroy:
“Maher Beauroy has a rare combination of talents. He’s a pianist with a unique style combining Afro Caribbean syncopation with sophisticated harmonies anchored in jazz, and he has the gift of the classical concert artist. He is also a composer who knows how to balance the sounds from his own country - La Martinique - with worldwide tendencies. To complete all of the above, the way he sings, his lyrics and freedom of phrasing distinguish him from anyone else I’ve heard before.
Armed with all of these qualities, he offers us his first album with a wide range of original compositions as well as arrangements of classical tunes from here. This journey through his universe reveals someone who appreciates beauty and who has a sensibility and wisdom that surpass the number of years he has been on this planet.
Having been his teacher at Berklee College of Music, I am fascinated by his music and will follow with passion the evolution of his work in the years to come!”
Release date 19 April 2019

Band Credits:
- Maher Beauroy - piano
- Lucy Clifford - bass
- Jessie Cox - drums
- Julian Velasco - vibraphone, bongos
- Robin Antunes - violin

Teaser Washa!:
The album:
Live: Paris, Boston, Fort de France:
Live in studio: