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Curmiah Lisette

Roots & Soul

Curmiah Lisette is a Saint Lucia-born, London-raised poet, performer and educator. She is a double recipient of Saint Lucia’s Outstanding Youth in Literary and Performing Arts Awards and a former student on the MA Creative Writing and Education programme at Goldsmiths University. Curmiah’s multi-disciplinary creative talents have seen her perform as a dancer on numerous cultural stages in Trinidad, Europe, the US and Nigeria as part of her creative collective, ‘Make Life Magnificent’. Curmiah has had her poetic short films screened in film festivals across Europe, the US and the Caribbean. Much of her work merges art forms to draw on giving a voice to the Caribbean and British-Caribbean black female narrative. Her debut collection of poems and short stories, Chronicles of a Caribbean Bad Gyal inna London, is set for official release in Jan 2020.