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Whether you just turned 21 or 40, traveling can be daunting and first-time solo travel can occur at any age. So don’t get nervous because you’re too young, or you think you’re too old to be doing something for the first time. There shouldn’t be an age rule as to when you can travel solo for the first time.

Here are five reasons why you should take the plunge and book that solo holiday:

1) Learn more about yourself
Travelling solo teaches you to depend on yourself and puts you in certain situations where you overcome challenges you never thought you could. Whether it is trying to communicate in a foreign speaking country, understanding cultural norms or navigating the local transport system, they can all build your character and lead you on a journey of self-discovery.

The beautiful Piton Mountains

2) Ticking off your bucket list – sooner rather than later
We all put off dong the things we should be doing and travel is one of them. “Oh when I find a partner, I can go here” or “When I retire I will have time to travel the world” – sound familiar? As we know time waits for no-one, so grab the opportunities while you can for what could be an experience of a lifetime.



The BodyHoliday

3) Freedom to do what you want
You can do what you want, at the pace you choose. Want to spend a few hours in that spa or talk to one of the locals in the market? Well, you can. There is no need to rush or feel guilty because you are neglecting your travelling partner and they would rather be or do something else. It can be all about you for a change – how refreshing.


4) Making new friends
If you’re travelling independently, you’re almost certain to meet other independent travellers, especially if you stay in guesthouses or small inns. If it’s the locals you want to meet, try family-run B&Bs or homestays. Another option is to travel with a small-group tour company. If you’re prepared to share a room with someone, many of the tour companies waive the single supplement. The majority of participants on special-interest trips, such as bird-watching or walking tours, tend to be travelling solo, whether they are single or not.

Bay Gardens Hotel

5) Saint Lucia hotels offering no single supplements
The BodyHoliday is a popular choice for solo travellers with no single supplements and a wide choice of activities from yoga, aerobics and walking tours to luxurious spa treatments. To book, visit Friendship Travel. Bay Gardens Hotel is another great choice ideally located in the heart of Rodney Bay Village, home to a number of restaurants, shopping malls and one of the most popular beaches on island; Reduit Beach. It is also a great base to explore the rest of the island. To book, visit Just You.