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Yasmin Rustum, Turquoise Holidays            

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You might imagine that floating in the crystal clear Caribbean sea while enjoying a cheeky Strawberry Daiquiri is something you can only find in your wildest dreams….think again! I was lucky enough to tick this fantasy off my wish list at the fabulous BodyHoliday resort on Saint Lucia’s north coast. Not only that but you get a daily 50 minute spa treatment and a list 5 times as long as my arm of daily activities included as part of their premium wellness all-inclusive programme.

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The BodyHoliday

Though I have to confess I may have pretended not to see the beach boot camp high energy exercise class as I had a casual swim in the sea before breakfast!

Though Saint Lucia is a great place to go for a relaxing beach holiday, there is so much more to this beautiful Windward Island than meets the eye. You can dive 65 feet underwater to see the famous Lesleen shipwreck at Anse Cochon by boutique resort Ti Kaye. In the south you can also explore the famous drive-in volcano and immerse yourself in an authentic mud bath at Sulphur Springs – messy but great for your skin! The most iconic feature in the south of the island is of course the majestic Piton Mountain range, a UNESCO world heritage site and unrivalled in its beauty.

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort

Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort, sits between the two mountains and not only has the fantastic mountain backdrop but also a private pool in every room as standard as well as your very own private butler. The resort sits on a gorgeous white sandy beach and has a stunning rainforest spa which is definitely worth a visit for not only their signature “Romantic Renaissance” couples spa treatment but also the covered canopy walk – very unique!

For cocktail lovers there a few signatures on the island that are not to be missed! The welcome drink of “Spiced Rum Ice Tea” which also includes cinnamon at Capella Marigot Bay is incredibly refreshing.

The “Capmapolitan” at Cap Maison is a traditional twist on the classic Cosmopolitan but made with local sorrel juice and homemade sugar syrup.  The “Chocolate Martinis” at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat are to die for and if you really want to impress then the $1000 martini at Cap Maison made with Belvedere Vodka is not only served in a special crystal glass but also comes with a diamond pendant!

Foodies will love lunch with a view at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat where every single item on the menu has some element of chocolate included in each course. For real chocoholics you can visit the Cacao plantation, do the tour and have a go at making your own chocolate after as well as stay in the hotel for a peaceful little escape in the rainforest!

Caribbean; St.Lucia, Ladera Resort, Dasheene RESTAURANT: sunset dining & Piton

Dasheene Restaurant, Ladera Resort

Dasheene at Ladera is not only renowned for its food but also the unrivalled view of the Pitons and the sea below from its elevated position – great for a sunset cocktail.

The Rum Cave at Capella Marigot Bay is a very special place to eat and not only is the food in resort outstanding it’s the first place of its kind on the island and an excellent excuse to try some very delicious rum cocktails!

Dining #9.

The Rum Cave, Capella Marigot Bay

Romance is easily found in Saint Lucia and its fast becoming a popular place for proposals with some excellent locations for doing so. My top tips would be the “Jolie Jolie deck” at Ti Kaye – an intimate little wooden platform down the steps away from the main restaurant. They only allow one couple per night to be sat there for the ultimate privacy.


Alternatively the “Rock Maison” at Cap Maison is a private wooden deck built around the rocks – champagne arrives via zipline from top of the cliff as standard, very James Bond!

Rock Maison at Sunset

‘Rock Maison’, Cap Maison

There is something to suit everyone. Whether you are a couple, family, honeymooner or travelling with friends – Saint Lucia simply has it all. If I could sum up Saint Lucia in three words it would be “TAKE ME BACK” – it really is that spectacular!

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