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‘First Waterfall’

From the moment she witnessed her first waterfall in person, to her first swim in the warm Caribbean Sea, Saint Lucia had been the getaway Corina needed. Reconnecting with nature had inspired her in more ways than one, it had rejuvenated her mind, body, and soul.

As I stood immersed in a rocky pool, with water cascading all around me, I felt completely in awe of nature’s beauty. Like most people, I’ve seen pictures and videos of waterfalls, but to feel the power of the water and the fresh smells and sounds of the rainforest, I can safely say that the experience far surpassed any expectations I’d had.

In some ways, I felt bad to not be sharing this moment with Tom, my fiancé, but being there alone was magical. Besides, it was the perfect opportunity for him to go diving for the day. He’d talked nonstop about various sites around the island and so off he went to explore the Piton Wall, while I happily kept my head above the surface!

The stresses and strains of life back home had been catching up on me, so taking the time to myself was the restorative break I needed. I’d done some research before the holiday and realised I could combine my trip to Toraille Waterfall with the Sulphur Springs, which I’d visited in the morning. I figured what better way to wash off traces of the mineral mud than in the natural shower of a waterfall! It was perfectly timed too, as I was still feeling the aches and pains of our Piton hike and the 50-foot drop of the water felt almost like a neck and shoulder massage as it cascaded onto my body.

Treating myself to spa days has always been an indulgence of mine, so getting to experience one as nature intended was truly amazing — my skin felt cleansed, and my mind was clearer than it had been in a long time.

Our trip had been the perfect mix of activities and downtime, both Tom and I had enjoyed sharing adventures, but we’d also opted for the occasional solo experience which was equally wonderful. After having had a turbulent few months in our relationship, we both came away from the holiday feeling totally renewed, individually and together. We’d seen and done everything we’d wanted to but still embraced the simple pleasures of lying on the beach with a book, going for swims in the sea, and indulging in the food and drink neither one of us could say no to. For us, a holiday in Saint Lucia really did have it all, and more.

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