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Tom and Corina had hectic lives in London. Anxious that they were drifting apart, they decided to take a last-minute holiday to Saint Lucia. During their time on the island, they embarked on a variety of experiences and adventures and returned from their ‘Great Escape’ happier than ever.

Standing at the summit of the Gros Piton, 2,619 feet above sea level, we felt on top of the world. In hindsight, we were at the peak of more than a mountain, we were also at the height of our relationship. The 360-degree views of lush landscape and ocean waters felt a far cry from the London skyline, to which we’d become so accustomed. It was at this moment that we realised just how much we needed this holiday, and our last minute getaway had swiftly become the adventure of a lifetime.

For months we’d been caught up in the monotony of work. My job as a financial adviser had sucked me into the trap of late finishes and after-work drinks with clients, while Corina’s steady stream of important pitches and networking rendered us like ships in the night.

So, there we were, a few months later, looking out across the Caribbean Sea and wondering what lay on the horizon for us. A few days in, work became a distant memory, and in its place lay our passport to new experiences, where every page was stamped by something spectacular.

With an array of adventures and tours at our fingertips, we independently created ‘Tom’s Things To-Do’ and ‘Corina’s Checklist’ and ticked off the activities one by one. It will come as little surprise that high on our agenda (pun intended) was to climb the mighty Gros Piton. After actively avoiding the gym for months, I feared this would be more of a misadventure than an adventure on my part, but we took our time, step by step, and before I knew it, there we were, summiting Saint Lucia in the truest sense of the words.

After conquering the climb (and regaining the use of our legs), our sights were firmly set on zip-lining. In that moment of being harnessed up, I felt like an energetic kid again, only this time I wasn’t taking turns in the local park. Instead, I was zipping through the rainforest canopy amazed by the beauty that was enveloping me. In the days that followed, we took to sea onboard a Catamaran Cruise at sunset and spent two hours sipping drinks as the sky’s golden hues changed around us.

By the end of the week, we felt like we’d done it all, but soon realised we’d barely scratched beneath the surface. For all the thrill and stunning scenery, our main take home wasn’t the camera footage we captured, it was the fun and laughs we’d shared, and the realisation that life back home is only one part of our lifelong picture.

And thanks to Saint Lucia, that picture is also now a lot lighter, brighter, and has our relationship firmly back in focus. We’re now even considering having our wedding in Saint Lucia, and we certainly won’t be short of guests wanting to join us!

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