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Pigeon Island National Landmark


Pigeon Island National Landmark

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Pigeon Island National Landmark is a 40-acre park that retraces the many historical legends of Saint Lucia, showcases the local wildlife, and is surrounded by fantastic seascapes. It is in fact heralded as a “living museum”. Once an islet just of the north western shores of Saint Lucia, Pigeon Island has been connected to the main island via a causeway since the 1970’s. Visitors to the park are free to amble, at their own pace, among the remnants of Admiral Rodney’s naval base, take a refreshing dip at one of the cosy coves, walk along the perimeter to the remains of a legendary pirate’s cave (that of Jamb de Bois aka Francoise le Clerc), or hike to the heights of the fort to gape at the spectacular 360 degree view. Pigeon Island has had over the years many different and interesting uses beginning with a shelter for Carib Indians and ending as a private retreat for a retired British Actress. It’s most impressive role, however, was that of a naval lookout espying towards the French stronghold at Martinique just some 20 miles to the north. This vigilance led to the British victory at the “Battle of the Saints”, known as the most importance naval battle ever waged in the Caribbean. A mini-museum provides a brief overview of the park’s history and a stop there is highly recommended before one begins their exploration. Two restaurants on the grounds offer light meals and icy beverages.


Posted on

May 29, 2018