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Sulphur Springs

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Mysteriously boiling pools of dark water emit the pungent pong of sulphur. The continuum of steam rises in obscure puffs, alluding to a portent of some ominous being. Or, so the theological legends of the island’s early settlers suggest. Deemed by Carib folklore as a place where one’s soul meets death, this natural phenomenon, the Qualibu Caldera, does make a marked impression upon those who stand above peering into its murky depths. Yet, in fact, the Sulphur Springs act as a safety value, constantly releasing subterranean pressure, stabilising the area. A visit to the park, located in Soufriere (a name that means “place of sulphur”) is an absolute must for all visitors to Saint Lucia. Allow time to soak in the mineral impacted mud beneath the springs, mystical mud which local legend guarantees will make you look and feel younger!