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Superman Waterfall

Superman Waterfall
Meaggie Estate, Soufriere
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Come Discover Saint Lucia’s Hidden Secret

The Tanzanite Heights Waterfall known locally as the Superman Waterfall is located in Soufriere on the southwest coast of Saint Lucia. There one could find lush vegetation with over 20 different fruit trees, tropical plants, and flowers. Superman Waterfall offers tours featuring the site’s hidden treasures, including an exclusive hike through an 18th century sugar estate, breathtaking views, and an abundance of indigenous flora and fauna culminating at the spectacular waterfall, with its enticing cascading mineral-filled water. There is a plunge pool, which includes the experience of enjoying one of Saint Lucia’s popular attractions, a mud bath. The uniqueness of this waterfall is its varying temperatures of warm to cold, and changes in the colour of the fall’s surface rocks. The tour includes stops at breathtaking heights with amazing viewing points from the east, offering views of Mount Gimmie, the highest point on the island, standing some 3119 feet above sea level, as well as viewing points from the west and north, all experienced in a natural ambience and background songs from enchanting birds.

The name “Superman Waterfall” was bestowed on the site following the 1980 filming of the Hollywood blockbuster film – “Superman 2”, starring the renowned late Christopher Reeves. The waterfall was also featured in the film “Romancing the Stone” starring popular actors such as Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito and Mary Ellen Trainor.