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Collection de Pépites

Collection de Pépites offers hundreds of small gem accommodation options, with something for everyone. Find your Saint Lucia sweet spot.

Saint Lucia is world-renowned for its natural beauty and range of spectacular resorts. For those who are looking for something off the beaten track or a bit more intimate, we introduce you to Collection de Pépites – showcasing a broad selection of unique island jewels, including local villas, B&Bs, boutiques and inns. 

The name originates from Saint Lucia’s French heritage and means a collection of small pieces or nuggets of gold. And hundreds of Collection de Pépites properties can be found throughout the island.

Collection de Pépites features villas, B&Bs, boutique hotels and inns with 35 rooms or fewer. Many of these gems offer distinct opportunities for visitors to discover culture, culinary and wellness experiences within truly one-of-a-kind accommodations. Perhaps a luxury villa with a view of the Pitons for your multi-generational family vacation, or a boutique hotel with gourmet dining to celebrate a major milestone. Or maybe a romantic cottage nestled in the rainforest with stunning Caribbean sea views. Or even a modern townhouse in a gated community near the heart of the action in Rodney Bay.

Continue below to find the one that is perfect for you!