Saint Lucia Helicopters

George F.L. Charles Airport
Saint Lucia, W.I
(758) 453-6950

Viewing Saint Lucia from the land is magnificent; viewing Saint Lucia from sea is astounding; viewing Saint Lucia from the air is breathtakingly awesome! Mountain ridges of the verdant rainforest yield to steep river ravines that, in turn, open to spreading valleys filled with broad banana leaves undulating in the breeze. Secreted coves and long swaths of beach sporadically interrupt volcanic cliff faces that drop dramatically into a collage of greens and blues that comprises the sea. See the Pitons face to face, dip along the water’s surface for a heart pumping thrill, take time to marvel at the intricate contours of the terrain, and then simply enjoy the moment, a very unique Saint Lucian moment, a part of your very own vacation legend. (Saint Lucia Helicopters:

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