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Let Her Inspire You

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Day 1 - Arrive in Saint Lucia

Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and settle in. Take it slow for the rest of the day and relax by the pool and have dinner in the hotel.

Discover Lushan Country Life

Experience the country life and learn about the island’s rainforests, flora and fauna in the Country Life Park. Walk through the rainforest with a local guide to view some of the island’s native birds. Find out how to break open a coconut, sample some jungle fruits and hear about the healing powers of the plants and herbs found in the tropical forest.

Dip into the Volcanic Mud

At the Sulphur Springs near Soufriere, you are in the middle of a dormant volcano – but don’t worry, the last recorded eruption was long ago in 1766. The steaming pools and bubbling mud you see lie on the weak spot of the crust of the collapsed crater. You can learn more about the intriguing geology in an interpretation centre and bathe in mineral-rich pools. The hot springs and volcanic mud have therapeutic properties and are regularly enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. 

Stroll around a Botanical Garden

In the lovingly maintained Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens in Soufriere, you can follow paths around the well-labelled gardens, take in an impressive waterfall, and wallow in historic spring-fed baths. Over on the east coast at Mamiku Gardens, scented paths and woodland trails meander through 12 acres of landscaped grounds.

Zip-line above the Rainforest

Zoom over the Morne Coubaril Estate, near Soufriere. It’s one of three places on the island where, safely harnessed to cables, you can whizz between platforms set high up in trees. Well-trained instructors guide you through the process. You can also go zip-lining near Babonneau with Rain Forest Adventures and at Treetop Adventure Park near Dennery,

Bike through the Forest

Eight miles of bike trails, some suitable for novices, others extremely challenging, have been created through the coconut groves, citrus fruit orchards and 18th-Century ruins of the Anse Mamin Plantation near Soufriere. State-of the-art suspension mountain bikes are provided, and after your exertions you can cool off in the sea at the idyllic Anse Mamin Beach.

Jus Sail

Sail along the island’s coastline aboard Good Expectation, a beautifully restored Carriacou Sloop. For over 150 years, hand-built wooden sailing vessels like the Good Expectation traded spices and rum across the West Indies. Once a regular sight between the islands, visitors can now relive the nostalgic adventure of this bygone era. Jus Sail also runs a youth training programme in the off-season for Saint Lucians to help them gain maritime employment.