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Welcome To Our Sustainable Journey In Saint Lucia

This hub is here to keep you informed of our news and plans as we continue on our journey to champion and grow sustainable and regenerative tourism in Saint Lucia.

It’s vital that we preserve and nurture the many experiences that people choose to visit us for. In Saint Lucia, this is our natural environment such as the rainforest, mountains and coastline. It also includes our communities and unique heritage.

Our aim is to show you how Saint Lucia is embracing the challenges of the future through a more resilient tourism sector. You’ll find ideas on how to explore Saint Lucia with activities that work with the natural beauty of our island and benefit our local communities. You can also read the inspiring stories of our people and partners, working to make the best use of our precious natural resources and preserve our eco-system.

For further information on all aspects of sustainability in Saint Lucia, please click on the organisations below.


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