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Let Her Inspire You

Eat & Drink

Let Her Inspire You

Eat & Drink

Some visitors travel to Saint Lucia just for the food. The island has become a hub for culinary enthusiasts looking to try the latest restaurants or learn the roots of popular Caribbean dishes. The bars in Saint Lucia also bring hospitality to the next level, and keep the party going until late in the evening. Check out a few of the top options to satisfy your taste buds and enjoy your dining experience.

Experience Fine Dining and Five-Star Cuisine

Visitors celebrating their anniversaries, weddings, and other milestones can enjoy fine dining at a variety of Saint Lucia restaurants. The professional chefs on the island pull inspiration from the sea and Saint Lucia’s Creole heritage to create amazing dishes that wow diners. You can expect your meal and wine to be paired perfectly, with a decadent dessert at the end. The meals you enjoy at our restaurants will stay in your mind for years to come.

Explore Casual Restaurants in Saint Lucia

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good meal on Saint Lucia! Across the island, there are Saint Lucia restaurants that can impress your palate and leave you wanting more. From mom and pop shops that specialize in a few dishes to beachside restaurants where you can watch the sun rise or set over your meal. Check out the guide below to find some of the top picks in your area that are budget-friendly and still delicious.


If you’re interested in exploring Saint Lucia whilst sipping a Piton beer or sampling a rum punch then you’ll love our new experience. It’s called Kabawé Krawl which is Creole for pub crawl or bar crawl. It’s a trail of bars around the island that we have selected to give you a real flavour of our different communities. It’s an opportunity to meet the locals, swap stories and enjoy some more of our Saint Lucian hospitality!

You can book a guided tour around the bars with one of our local tour companies,booking information with transportation is below. Alternatively, if you’re out and about, look for the Kabawé Krawl sign at a participating venue. You’ll find all the bars on Google maps.

To start, take a look at the list of bars to find out where they are on the island, who you might meet and what’s on offer. We hope you enjoy our Kabawé Krawl. Do please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Dress Code

Anywhere on island, dress to impress…yourself. Wherever you dine, the dress code is relaxed, comfortable, chic—Saint Lucia is easygoing.

Eat Like a Local

Lucians love to eat, and every meal is full of warmth and ceremony. During your time on the island, let the locals share their favorite meals with you! Street vendors dot the roads where you can pick up snacks on the cheap, or you can visit small shops where one person has perfected a few dishes over the course of several years.

While fish is a popular option for many diners, barbecued pork or chicken are also popular with islanders. If you can smell the meat cooking as you approach the restaurant, then you know it must be good.

Try Craft Cocktails from Local Mixologists

Almost all of the bars in Saint Lucia offer Chairman’s Reserve, the locally-made rum and a favorite drink of residents and visitors alike. However, some bars take it up a notch. Gros Islet is home to tiny waterfront bars with their own tropical punch recipes, while Castries to Soufriere have busy bars that overlook the horizon for sunset cocktails.

Put your bartender to the test when you visit Saint Lucia! Use our guide to find the best craft cocktails in the area and give your taste buds an adventure with carefully selected, fresh local ingredients in your drink.

Whatever you eat on Saint Lucia, whether you grab some conch fritters at a roadside stand or enjoy a five-course meal at one of the island’s top restaurants, you are sure to feel full and content. Your taste buds will thank you for the adventure and beg for more as soon as you have room.