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Let Her Inspire You

Water Adventures

Let Her Inspire You

Water Adventures

There’s no shortage of water adventures in Saint Lucia. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or something a bit more laid-back, your perfect adventure awaits. Saint Lucia abounds with aquatic excursions — choose your own aqua-based experience and let her inspire you!


Experience the unparalleled beauty lying just beneath our crystal-clear waters. Snorkelers of all experience levels can enjoy Saint Lucia’s underwater paradise. Anse Des Pitons, Anse Chastanet Beach, and Virgin Cove lead the options for snorkeling on the island. No matter where you choose to go, though, visitors will be greeted with a spellbinding panorama of colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life.

Scuba Diving

The beauty of this enchanting island extends beneath her waters. See more of what Saint Lucia has to offer at her world-class diving locations. With more than 20 diving sites along the western coast, you won’t have a problem scheduling an appointment. From Soufrière to Rodney Bay, you’ll find several dive schools and guided scuba tour groups. Instructors and guides are ready to assist, whether you’re a novice or interested in diving certification.


What do you get when you combine scuba diving and snorkeling? In Saint Lucia, it’s SNUBA! Go beyond snorkeling, but only as far as you’re comfortable — no certification or diving experience is necessary. Explore breathtaking underwater scenery and interact with marine life. Saint Lucia’s popular SNUBA Adventure program attracts millions from across the world. Try something new and SNUBA in Saint Lucia!

And if you’re traveling with children, SNUBA DOO is SNUBA for the little ones. Kids aged four to seven get to experience the wonders beneath the sea. What better way to nurture their creative minds than with an up-close venture into a magical realm?

Sea Trek Helmet Diving

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any other option for underwater exploration, Sea Adventures brings you Sea Trek Helmet Diving. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to walk on the moon, this comes pretty close. Complete with a specially-designed Sea Trek helmet, you’ll walk along the ocean floor among sea turtles, seahorses, and other forms of marine life. Another fun excursion for the entire family, and no experience or certification required!

Splash Island Water Park

If you love water and have a little “Ninja Warrior” lurking on the inside, Splash Island Water Park is your spot. It’s a giant floating obstacle course just off the shore. Its dozens of features include trampolines, slides, swings, hurdles, monkey bars, and a climbing wall. There’s even water volleyball! It’s perfect for the entire family and a great way to make friends.


This water adventure begins at Marigot Bay and takes you through scenic routes like Roseau Bay. If you’re a fan of Rex Harrison’s Doctor Dolittle, you’ll appreciate that Marigot Bay was one of the locations in this 1967 classic.

Glide along the Roseau River and bask in the mystical serenade by the various wildlife that calls the woodlands home. You will coast through an avenue of majestic red mangroves and lush greenery that envelope the path. Embrace the awe that overtakes you as the gentle, soothing waters guide you through the lagoon, past impressive rock formations, and right to the ocean. Some kayaking tours even include snorkeling.

Up, Up & Away!

Your water adventures in Saint Lucia won’t be complete without a little hang time. If the thought of getting hooked up to jetpacks and emerging dramatically from the ocean fills you with joy, then flyboarding is for you. Perhaps you prefer kite surfing. A passion for surfing and kite flying, along with the gentle Caribbean winds provide the perfect ingredients for an uplifting ride.

If these activities are too much for you, it’s just as much fun to watch the acrobatics of those with more experience. To give kitesurfing or flyboarding a try, you can sign up for private lessons with certified pros. Whichever activity you choose, you’re guaranteed another way to enjoy the beauty of this stunning island.

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