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Let Her Inspire You

Health & Wellness

Let Her Inspire You

Health & Wellness
in Saint Lucia

From sandy beaches with crystal clear waters to rejuvenating volcanic mud baths, Saint Lucia has everything needed for the ultimate health & wellness experience.

Natural Healing

With over 1,300 different species of wild flowering plants and 150 species of fern squeezed into just 620 square kilometres, Saint Lucia is a botanical paradise. Discover the many plants and trees that have been part of traditional Saint Lucian medicine for generations. Cover your skin in the therapeutic volcanic mud and dip in the hot baths at Sulphur Springs, plunge into one of the island’s refreshing waterfalls or take a guided hike or bird-watching tour in the lush rainforest.

Treatments & Therapies

Saint Lucia has a rich history of offering rejuvenating and restorative treatments. The baths in the Sulphur Springs date back to the 1700s and were built to access the therapeutic waters of the volcano. In addition to the restored baths and natural practices available, there are an impressive choice of spas and salons in hotels and independently across the island that provide a wide range of treatments and programmes to pamper and indulge you. Enjoy spa therapies and beauty treatments in stunning locations such as open-air rooms, rainforest showers and spectacular sea views. You’ll also find locally sourced and created products alongside international brands.

Eating Well

Saint Lucia’s varied history is ever-present in its food with Creole flavours alongside international cuisine. If you’re looking for healthier menus there’s a great choice available. Across hotels and independent restaurants you’ll find vegan and vegetarian options and locally produced juices such as pineapple, soursop and tamarind. Chefs make full use of home-grown tropical fruit, vegetables and freshly caught seafood to create delicious, well-balanced dishes.

Mind and Body

There are an ever-growing number of fitness and relaxation classes such as yoga, pilates and tai chi available in hotels and standalone centres. Or get inspired with one of the many wellness retreats with stunning views of the Pitons, the sea and the forest. You can start the day with yoga at sunrise on the beach or wind down with meditation at sunset in the open air.

Medical meets Wellness

The award-winning wellness centres on the island take Saint Lucia’s wellness offering to the next level. The Bodyholiday resort for example, has the most comprehensive collection of services in the Caribbean and works regularly with specialists and experts from around the world to offer ground-breaking treatments. The Landings Resort and Spa has just launched the region’s first programme dedicated to female wellbeing with each product used during the custom treatments carefully selected to address a variety of female concerns. With more medically focussed therapies being developed the island is fast becoming a sought-after destination in this field.