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Let Her Inspire You

Planning Services

Let Her Inspire You

Planning Services

Your Desire is Our Command

You’ve chosen to experience the wedding of your dreams and exchange vows in Saint Lucia. From historical parks to beaches and waterfalls, the island is full of wedding-worthy locations. No matter which venue you ultimately you choose, your Saint Lucia wedding will be an event to cherish and remember forever. Now it’s time to plan out all the details! Take advantage of the island’s insider knowledge and wedding planning services in Saint Lucia to craft the ultimate wedding.

Simplify the Wedding Planning Process

With so many fabulous options available for your dazzling Caribbean wedding, planning on your own could prove to be overwhelming. All aspects must be carefully coordinated and pieced together in order to create your perfect day. Everything needs to be considered — from the paperwork, flowers and photography to the cake, reception and anything else that might be required.

An on-island wedding coordinator will understand just how important your special day is. These professionals will be prepared to work with you every step of the way to ensure all your dreams come true. Saint Lucia also has an abundance of stunning wedding venues within hotels and resorts. Many of these have dedicated wedding planners to ensure smooth sailing on your special day. The ceremony usually takes place on the grounds of the hotel, or barefoot on one of the island’s golden beaches.

Caribbean Wedding
Planning Services in Saint Lucia

St Lucia’s extensive list of wedding planners are standing by to help you arrange the perfect Caribbean wedding: