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Let Her Inspire You

Sustainability Tourism in Action

Let Her Inspire You

Sustainability in Action

Read on to find out how our partners are successfully working to improve the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism in Saint Lucia. 

Green-Globe Certified

Many properties in Saint Lucia have been awarded Green-Globe certification. This means that they are working effectively to conserve resources, support environmental protection, reduce waste volume and so much more. 

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Banana Museum  

East Winds is home to the island’s first ‘living banana museum’. Producing fruit from up to 10 different varieties – in yellow, red and green. The museum was planted as part of East Winds’ efforts to help preserve varieties of bananas that are becoming rare either because they are difficult to grow or are difficult to transport and so only have a small local market.

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Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Take a Bite out of Ethical Cuisine

The two resorts’ sustainability stories date back to their beginnings in the 1970’s with as much economic benefit as possible going into the community, striving to protect the environment whilst making a positive impact on the community and creating authentic experiences for guests.

On the culinary side, the hotels have a range of on-site foodie initiatives. The Emerald Farm now has a special ‘lunch & learn live on its farm’ experience with Executive Chef, Elijah and Farm Manager, Damian. The ‘Sustainable Tropical Tribute to the Earth’ events offer guests an opportunity to learn to cook just-picked organic bounty alongside the chefs. Chef Elijah then creates a seasonal tasting menu designed on the locally grown, sustainable ethos.

Guests can also learn from local experts during their stays. One expert is “Meno” Paul Herman. Meno, who is also lovingly referred to as ‘Father Nature’ is the resorts’ charismatic and entertaining walking and hiking expert and escorts resort guests on complimentary walks and hikes throughout the week. At Anse Chastanet, guests can also explore their creative side by joining the complimentary art classes led by St Lucian artist and muralist, Naja Misaki Simoen. This transformative travel experience allows guests to reflect and capture the beauty of the island on paper.

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Balenbouche and the Community

Balenbouche is a guest house set in a nature and heritage site in Saint Lucia. It’s also home to an organic farm and family home all set in 60 acres of natural vegetation, pastures, rivers and beaches, tropical gardens and trails. With a stunning natural landscape and rich history, Balenbouche has always had a mission centred around sustainability, authenticity and community.

The owners and staff support and manage many projects that help the local community. For example, every summer they host a group of students from the Caribbean Elective. This is a not-for-profit organisation set up to for students from around the world to travel to gain life and work experiences in the region. Spending time in the Caribbean as a student can be a life and career-changing experience, and the programmes are inspired by the Caribbean communities. Each programme is closely linked to the community and sees students working closely with local people and engaging in knowledge sharing with them.

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Bay Gardens’ Breakfast Club

Bay Gardens has three Green Globe certified properties and a thriving programme of sustainable practices. One example of their cooperation with neighbours and support of the community is the highly successful breakfast club for local school children. Two local schools benefit from the programme with food provided by the resorts. This initiative seeks to assist families by alleviating the burden on parents and guardians as well as reducing absenteeism.

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Turtle Scouts at Coconut Bay

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa sits on 85 acres of land with an expansive stretch of coastline in the south of Saint Lucia, which is also home to three species of nesting sea turtles and neighbour to Saint Lucia’s Maria Islands Nature Reserve. The Maria Islands Nature Reserve along with the mile-long beach are part of the Pointe Sables Environmental Protection Area, Saint Lucia’s largest seascape of interconnected coral reef, seagrass and mangroves.

From March to November each year, the beach is a nesting ground for three species of endangered sea turtles. The resort partners with the Saint Lucia National Trust and Department of Fisheries to hold frequent workshops for staff educating them on the importance of turtles to the marine ecosystem. The Turtle Scouts Programme is now in place which equips staff with the knowledge to identify turtle species and tracks and monitor nesting patterns helping to retrieve and release endangered hatchlings.

Guests are also given information about the struggling turtle population through signs and posters giving steps to assist in their conservation.

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Protecting Coral Reefs in Saint Lucia

The Sandals Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International (SRI).  The Sandals Foundation funds projects in three core areas: education, community and the environment. 100 percent of the monies contributed by the general public to the Sandals Foundation go directly to programmes benefiting the Caribbean community.

Across the world’s oceans and seas, coral reefs, which are essential to maintaining biodiversity and standing as a protective coastal barrier, are dying. The Sandals Foundation has partnered with CARIBSAVE and Coral Restoration Foundation International to help build Caribbean coral nurseries and support one of the most valuable preservation methods: coral out planting.  Guests of any Sandals Resort in Saint Lucia can join an introductory course in coral out-planting and learn the science of nurseries during their stay. Once familiarised with the basic skills and knowledge required to successfully propagate corals in underwater nurseries, PADI certified guests can take their learnings into the sea on a specialised dive to put their new skills to work, saving Caribbean coral reefs. Additionally, coral fragment planting by Sandals team members and guests in Saint Lucia has already contributed to the three new nurseries in the Caribbean, each of which will grow up to 2,000 corals per year to be replanted into dying reefs.

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Windjammer Landing and Marine Conservation

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resorts runs a successful environmental experience for certified divers. In collaboration with the Perry Institute for Marine Conservation, this package has been created for divers with an interest in marine conservation to become actively involved in coral restoration diving. The research and expertise of the Perry Institute has been invaluable in the creation of each course to ensure the educational elements are as engaging and interactive as possible. In addition to each package, a Lionfish Experience is also available, which includes the diving, hunting, cleaning, and cooking of lionfish, an invasive species.

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Paradise Promotions plants Trees for Life  

Paradise Promotions is one of the UK’s leading representation companies with many hotel partners in the Caribbean region. In Saint Lucia, they manage the UK sales and marketing for the Bay Gardens Hotels.

As a company that works in the travel industry, the team regularly flies to both long and short haul destinations so they have set up a partnership with Trees for Life, a rewilding charity based in Scotland. This scheme is committed to creating large-scale environmental change in the Scottish Highlands. Focused on restoring the once-extensive Caledonian forest, the charity’s vision includes the rejuvenation of entire ecosystems. The aim is to foster biodiversity and encourage the natural processes that sustain life in our ancient woodlands.

The Paradise Promotions Grove was set up with Trees for Life to help offset the carbon impact. Trees are planted for the flights they and their travel trade partners take across all the clients they represent. The trees in this grove are carefully planted in protected sites in the Scottish Highlands where they will create homes for wildlife and forests for the future.

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